Many people are worried each day, because humans have tendency to do things that make them sad and then feel sorry for themselves or blame entire world for feeling bad.  If we add different threats from natural disasters, it is no surprise that most of the people live in constant spasm, fear and tension.

Most of the people right after waking up start to dramatize, worry, ask themselves to many questions – what if, how, whether, etc. But awakening is miraculous act of life and each our awakening should cause feeling of satisfaction, admiration towards the life and gratitude for being alive. The cause of such worries is the fact that we take thinks for granted. When we wake up in the morning, even before getting up from the bead, our worries start: I didn’t hear the clock. I didn’t get up on time. Will I be late for work? How today meeting will go? Will I have enough time to do all I have for today? Will kids make it to school on time? How will we pay their scholarships? Will recession affect my company and result in layoffs? Government extended the limit for retirement – will I live long enough to get it? Will I have enough money in retirement? Etc…

Wake up alive and healthy is a real miracle. Of course, there are scientific theories about what happens when we sleep, how we wake up and how we do it. But if we think about it, it is a real miracle… we close our eyes, we enter into different state of mind and after a while we open our eyes fresh and relaxed.

And still, instead of gratitude, first thing most people feel are worries for that things that might happen, or might not. When we wake up, when we hear morning sounds around ourselves, we see sun rising or the rain on the window, people still feel worries!!! Hears the birds singing and starts worrying about the family… Hears music on the radio in the car and worry about recession…

People mostly wake up worrying about everything instead of to admire and enjoy life. This feeling of admiration is something we all are born with, but after years of living in destructive environment this feeling is getting smaller. Only when we stop taking things for granted, beautiful and miraculous feeling of life enjoyment will give us so much positive energy in life.

As someone wrote in a comment to our article – “date of birth and date of death are not up to us, but almost everything in-between is.” This is so true and sense we know this we do not have to worry anymore. What will happen will happen, and our worries do not affect it in positive way. Whatever happens, it is for our own sake, we just become aware of it latter.

Enjoy life this moment, this morning, this day, because yesterday is past and tomorrow… Well tomorrow when you wake up celebrate life again as you did this morning. Take a walk through park, street and say hello to your neighbor, say hello to stranger, smile to love couple walking by, because this is how you celebrate love and life… do something you didn’t do for long time, without fear of being laughed to, because when you shine you attract. If you do good, good will come back to you, not necessarily from the same person, but each time it comes back in some form.

Always choose love, not fear. Never laugh to one who loses his head over love, or loses pride for love, because silly is the one who does not lose his head off for love because of fear or pride. It is not same when man is in the desert and when the desert in in men.

We will still be facing with difficulties and challenges, but once we realize that only we CHOOSE how to feel – thankful or worried, good or bad, happy or unhappy, full of love or empty as desert, only then we are free and can fully enjoy life!

Your Academy <3