We face problem of insufficient time, daily. Free time is our treasure today, when we live life in accordance to modern living, and society puts great challenges in front of us. But, regardless of complexity that pressures us from all sides, we have many benefits from modern technology! Oh, the technology that takes us so much, and give us as much.

Wonderful social networks with interesting and motley content fulfils our free minutes. Different applications enable us instant recipes for perfect lunch or instant training… for perfect photos.

But still, in a rush of life, along the way, STRESS is piling up. We can’t avoid it, because even overloaded, kids want our attention, partner as well, friends want to see us, our body wants attention. We need peace! Of course, we need peace! Its absence and the energy we spend, and not renew, are the causes of many diseases and problems.

Today we are lucky to have an opportunity to talk to our therapist even in moments when we need it but do not have time for visits. We can do it from the comfort of our homes. Skype gives us this beautiful opportunity to help ourselves instantly and finally release ourselves from worries, fear, insecurity and all other things that decrease the quality of our lives and lead us to depression.

We are here for you, to help you to breathe in life and live it to fullest when others do not have time for you. You only need to have Skype installed, and the desire to go forward.

Your WBA Academy <3