Once, teacher asked his students:

“Why people yell when they are mad?”

Students were thinking for some time:

“Because we lose patience, iswhy we yell” – one said

“But, why would you yell if person is next to you? Isn’t it easy to speak quietly and gently?” – teacher asked

Students gave some more answers, but none of them ever was good enough for teacher. At the end, he explained: “When these two persons are in feud, angry, their hearts are in distance. That is why they have to yell at each other, so their cry can bridge the distance and so these persons can hear each other. The more anger there is, the more they have to yell, because the distance between two of them is becoming bigger.”

Then teacher asked again:

“What happens when these persons fall in love? They do not yell at each other, but rather speak quietly and gently. Their hearts are very close. Distance between two of them is very small. And what happens when they fall even more in live? They don’t speak. Just whisper and get even more closer in their love. Finally, they don’t need whisper any more. These are two people who love each other.”

Then he said: “When you fight, don’t let your hearts fall apart, don’t speak words that could tear you apart even more, because the day will come when the distance is so big that there is no longera way back.”