Srodne duse

You have many times herd someone say “He/She is my soulmate”, right? Probably you have had moments when you “click” with someone right away, connect with ease, conversation flows naturally, everything is easy, simple and flaunting?

And who actually are soulmates? Soulmates are all souls that follow us through life with their deep love. Soulmate is a person that very often sees in us the things we do not see by ourselves, the person that advocates us with others, although we do not ask for it; the person who is always there for us; the person that knows how to comfort us and boost our spirit. You are in pain when they are in pain, you laugh when they laugh. You feel what they feel, even though you are not much of empathic person. You know when something is wrong, physically or in some other way. You know what other one thinks and feels, just based on one look.

When we say soulmate, we often refer on partner, the person that fills our heart and soul and who loves us and wants to share his/her life with us. The person who gives us love, harmony, romance.

On our path,in different interactions we always meet same souls that learn through us or we learn from them. This process is mutual. Those souls always have certain karma with us and in each next life we must repay each other.

Soulmates are all members of our family; our friends;acquaintances; neighbors; peers from elementary school, high school and universities; our teacher and professors; our business partners and every other person that influences our further development, either in positive or negative way.

Soulmates recognize each other right away. You have the feeling that you know each other whole life. You recognize each other like you have already met before. Probably because you have. Soulmates recognize each other by smell, sound, melody of the voice and attract each other irresistibly. Soulmates are two halves of same being. They have same energies, even in cases when they look complete different, or one soul have incarnated and the other one did not. This energy of our soul we feel in our heart.

When the soulmates meet, we feel this eternal attraction, eternal love among us. Real reason for “love at the first sight” is recognition of the person in our heart. When we recognize soulmate, the feeling is so nice, divine and we think that there is only one soulmate. But we do not recognize our soulmate at first. Sometimes we meet soulmate few times before we understand that this soul was ours, but we were not aware of it. Anyhow it is a sort of love. There are many souls that love each other, that we were connected in previous lives with, in different roles and with whom we have lived through different roles in different lives.

Also, there is a possibility that you will not meet your soulmate in this life. But, don’t be sad because of it, because you are connected to your soulmate on spiritual level and nobody can divide you. Two soulmates are connected eternally and meet each other in different interactions.

Soulmate is enigma today. And because we very oftenunmistakably recognize our soulmate and because of it we get wrapped by this beautiful feeling of love, bliss and warmth, and because we are ready to do anything for it, our soulmates have such power and influence on us.