Have you ever experienced lack of energy after meeting one person? Sometimes just thinking about one person draws energy from you and you feel suffocation and exhaustion?

We have a good and a bad news for you. Bad one is that you are not the only one, and the good one is that you simply can’t forbid them that.

On our life path, we meet different people, with whom we have nice, but also the experiences that are not so nice and do not fit us. Often happens that bad experiences repeat themselves and we don’t understand why. Given that we have certain karmic tasks in this life, and given that we must learn some lessons, if we do not master them from first try, the Universe will put us through similar actions until we learn, understand and change the program of our reaction to the situation. Therefore – we must change, because outside world and other people can’t be changed by us. Working on ourselves and changing our behavior patterns, we change the world around us.

We will look at some typical types of people that steal our energy, and which we all had opportunity to know, but we believe that we don’ know how to face them the right way. How to handle them without them stealing our energy?

Loud ones

Description: Loud ones are the persons we meet often and everywhere – in stores, schools, restaurants, on the street, and who bay argument, loud speaking, yelling, noise, and threatening are stealing energy from others. They energetically feed with the fear of their victims. With their loudly spoken statements, noise and behavior, they tend to scare others. However, their words will rarely evolve to doings. If they acted, they would lose energy because they would have to invest accumulated energy, and that is opposite from what that person needs – your energy.

How to act (extreme option): Chill them! If you are on the street – turn the back on them and go your way. If someone yells at you by the phone – hang them up. If the client came to your office, call security or police. If the person is at your apartment, call police.


Description: Those are really not a real policeman, or someinvestigators who are working in the line of duty, therefore they are not officials, but rather people that, in conversation with you, act upon as some officials. You have certainly met members of this group. Those are people whit whom the conversation can be extremely tiring, if you allow the unlimited number of questions. They do not talk because of a social need, to socialize, share their experiences or listen to someone else’s experiences, but the conversation is itself a purpose for them, they ask a million questions that lead nowhere. They will question your every sentence, analyze it to lead you to situation to defend yourself, make excuses or continue this never-ending conversation. This kind of people often have dependence of believe “I am always right”. Conversation with this person is senseless, because you can never prove a point. The goal of their absurd conversation is theft of energy.

How to act (extreme option): If you know people who act like this, do not get into discussion with them, you will lose both time and energy J If you are meeting them for the first time, and recognize this type, then the right way is to confirm them what they think, but not exaggerating in it. For example: cop asks you – how did you get the money to buy such an expensive phone? Instead to explain how you got it for a dollar at the local telecom operator shop, you say something like – Yesterday I broke one cash machine and took million dollars, went to by a phone for me and my sister, my parents, bought a car and paid for vacation. This way you go to counter side, and he has no more questions because you are not defending yourself. If cop finds another question, like – “and that wasn’t on news”, attack him again with an answer – well, because I killed photojournalist that took photos of me and the journalist that was contacting redaction, and if you continue with such questions, I will be forced to kill you too”. After this, cop will run away J you will laugh and enjoy such good feeling for “kicking” him.


Description:Those are persons that can hardly wait to find a victim to tell them all their sorrow, misery, and problems and their goal is to make you feel the same because of what happened to them… You know what I’m talking about, right? It can be your friend, colleague, cousin, seller, “sniper”* grandma (*explanation is at the bottom of the text)…Wretch usually complains on things from his life, that he presents as hard one regardless of real circumstances. Regardless of topic of conversation, this person will always find a reason to complain, and cry. Example: You are building a house and wretch will say, lucky you, you have money to build a house, and I don’t have for food. When wretch starts to build his house, he will say, poor me, I’m building a house, have no money for water, poor me. He will find a way to complain in every situation.

Regardless of number of advices you give her, or try to help her one way or another, she will never change anything. Won’t even try, but will always find excuse to keep complaining. The interesting thing is that this person doesn’t have many problems in life. Lives regular life as most of people, but illustrates it as if it is harder.

When you try to help this person, you listen to her and give her advice to help herself. She listens to you, but never makes any action, but keeps finding next “but” to keep its state of complaining. And it can be very tiring and exhausting. After the conversation with these people, you feel lack of energy, as if you were digging ground for 5 days.

How to act (extreme option): These persons shouldn’t be given any advices to solve their problems. The simplest thing is to interrupt them by saying: you are really miserable. Even more extreme option: If I was so incapable as you are, I would kill myself right away. Have you picked the way to do it? What are you waiting for? Don’t worry, I won’t be on your funeral, because you are so miserable I don’t want to waste my time. She will run away from you and seek another victim.


Description: Stars are persons that try to draw all attention on them, acting as if they were stars, and when others want to talk to them, they act like untouchable. They first throw bait, and when the victim baits they push and pull and never do anything real to establish normal relation.

Classical example is unreachable girl. Have you ever had a situation when you meet a woman that draws attention, but don’t allow anyone to reach her? Every normal person that appreciates herself and others will clearly show whether she is interested in someone or not, and not giving others false hope, and make a fool of herself. But, this is not a case, because a star needs attention so she could feed with the energy of her followers. She will never reject them completely, nor let them closer to herself. She will go so far to make their followers buy her presents, give money, and not giving them anything in return. Or, for example – persons that initiate conversation, somehow get an answer from you, but turn off after that. It is a same principle.

How to act (extreme option): Chill them out – turn to the other side and continue to talk with other person, or simply take a mobile phone and read articles on www.wellbeingacademy.net/ Or even better – act like she is really a star. Just be aware that she can accept a role of a victim, so you will have to act as a star, which can be fun sometimes J But, chill out, if you don’t want any complications.

Energy vampires

You might be laughing after reading previous descriptions and advices how to act in extreme situations. But remember – they are all energy vampires, because they feed with other people’s energy. They exist because they get energy from the people they are talking to.

You probably wonder why are they doing it? Because they are empty inside. They don’t have courage to face themselves and solve their problems and fight so they feed by energy of other people. This kind of people, especially if they are close to us (parents, partners, kids, close friends) can literary drain our energy to the extent where there is only less than 30% energy left for us, that can lead us to illness (take this seriously!). Energy vampires are trying to fulfill their inner emptiness with other people’s energy and you can never explain them what is happening – they are like bottomless pit. They are unhappy deep inside, or they are afraid. Most of them steal energy unconsciously. No matter are they doing it consciously or un consciously, result is same – they exhaust you and they do it all the time.

When you think they have changed, they start from the beginning. The thing is that until they understand what needs to be changed, they will not change their behavior pattern. They need to do this themselves. So, you can’t help them. Give up on that idea, because you will soon found yourself in a situation where the energy is being drained out of you.

How to protect from energy theft?

What to do? For the beginning, be aware that you do not have to put up with anyone, to bear their terror during the conversation, even if it is person close to you. You do not own anything to anyone, and especially the energy. It is as if you allow someone to drink your blood, and you know that the person has enough of his blood, and is sucking yours just because you allow that! Believe me, if you pull out a straw from your vein, nothing will happen. The person will not die, she will just seek another victim. At the end, allowing this relationship, you are disabling that person to develop and look for the causes of such behavior in herself. You maintain status quo, which is bad for you and for other person.

Therefore, in order to defend yourself from energy theft, you have to have an intention to disable a vampire in theft. People can sense this! In order to disable theft, you have to be determined in your intention. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to protect yourself, because they are not uncomfortable when they steel your energy (they enjoy it). I repeat, you do not own anything to anyone!

After you decide to come to an end to energy theft and the annoying person that tires you, and you decided to stay polite, unlike vampires, do some of following things (they are all efficient, and you do what suits you the most):

  • Cross your arms and legs (if you are sitting, of course). People that analyze body language call this position defensive. With a reason: you fence in from your interlocutor, not just visually, but also on energy level.
  • Put your right palm on your belly button, and the left palm over right one. This also blocs energy theft.
  • Imagine glass bell or a bunker around yourself. Regardless whether someone is sitting near you or not, imagine yourself inside the bell or a bunker, they protect you.

One thing is almost irreversible: once you do it you will be surprised how fast the thief will find a reason to move away from you. Once he senses that he can no longer steel energy, he will go away fast!

Don’t think that you have to be nice and for any reason continue conversation with energy vampires. Do one of abovementioned polite techniques and just smile and nod. As soon as they see your defense, they will abort communication. They run away like a devil of baptism!

If polite techniques do not help, immediately applyHow to act (extreme option) ones.

Now you know how to stop vampire to steel your energy. Next time when you meet someone that tires you, you will know the reason.

It is about your life and your energy and you are not obligated to give it to anyone, including parents, siblings, relatives, friends, ANYONE. Give it to persons that gives it back, who appreciates it, that will improve their and your life, and with whom you have good, sincere and energetically good relationship.

Rely on your heart: it will tell you the truth and you can never be wrong with it.

Choose good people and surround yourself with people that appreciate you, and both you and them grow, because you deserve it!

Your Academy <3

Explanations for terms in text:

*sniper grandma (or grandpa) is a kind of neighbor that knows everything. Who has what for lunch, knows all girlfriends and all boyfriends (and who is cheating) … KNOWS EVERYTHING, because she is at the window all day, and observes.

P.S. Text was inspired by clients (and their close persons), that visited us last week in August in 2014. Some of them will surely recognize themselves.