⭐ Most people grow up with these amazing dreams for their future:

• They want to become astronauts.
• They want to become professional athletes.
• Or they want to build their own business.

However, as they grow up, society and the people around them separate them from these big dreams and confront them with “reality.” They make them face the “reality” of life.

You could say that this is a form of mind control … Society is like puppeteers controlling your actions and shaping your future.

And that often takes control of you. You have no choice. And you have no support.

Be careful if you make the same mistake and live your life based on what other people think, say and plan for you.

They just act out of their fear and project the same fear on you. And we all know that fear is just NOT life.

Next time, if you recognize these people, stop and say to yourself: I’m going to listen to this person, but I’m aware that she/he can never know what’s the best for me. I know it best.

Leave a comment below if you no longer want to allow others to shape your world only so that you can live the ONE life you truly want.

Your Well Being Academy ❤