What first cross your mind when you read this title? What answer was the first on your mind? Regardless was it love, sun, money, happiness, science, technology… I just know you are wrong. There are many wrong, and often stupid, theories of what runs the world. And the truth is so simple…

Mind runs the world. To anyone that had this answer we congratulate! Because mind runs each one of us. The way we think, our thought, defines our reality and makes us, us. And why not use those internal powers to make our lives better (spiritually and in material way), to make it more meaningful and happy?

Like everything else, mind is run by the duality of two phenomena. So, we have developed and undeveloped mind, conscience. And while the first ones understand that they are the only responsible for their life, reality and position; the second ones always blame someone, there is always a reason way they have troubles in life, there is always objective fact that did not let them do this or that… Somebody will understand what I am talking about, someone will never understand, or maybe will in some other life… Duality of everything – man and women principle; yin and yang; light and darkness; life and death… Everything is connected with subtle stings…

When we aware who we are and where we are, then we can decide where we are going. Therefore, only when we understand where are we, and why are we here… When we understand that, we will understand that it is only our mindmeritorious for (or guilty, depends of beholder) where we are and we will understand that it was our mind that created our reality the way we saw it, heard it and felt. No one else! Just our mind and us!

The question is how to balance believes and programs that we have from childhood (e.g. towards love, it is all just interest; you have to work hard for money, money does not grow on trees; do not speak, work and do not rebel, etc.) and our desire to have and to be… To be more precise, how to understand the fact that our deeply held beliefs; which mostly aren’t ours but rather from the people we grew up together (grandparents, aunts, …), still are just believes and not absolute truth (because in case that one belief is absolute truth, then all the people on the earth would be the same); so consistently shape our life towards the direction we really do not want to go? How is it that some people fight for their bare existence and barely survive, while the others (seemingly) have everything they want with ease, have a lot of money, have the life they want and do what they want?!

Again, answer is MIND. Way of thinking between these two groups are two polarities. For the first ones, everything is “impossible”, and for the second ones is “how am I going to do it”… in first case, when you tell your subconscious mind that something is impossible, than it is a task for him to find you reasons why something is impossible. I second case, task for your subconscious mind is to find the way to get to the goal.. And yes – it is so simple. Reasons or results – two polarities. As Henry Ford said – and if you believe that something is possible and if you believe that it is impossible – you are right. You are right – but just for your case, because the thing that is impossible for you, for someone else is simple. And if you think that it is impossible to earn 1.000EUR for a day, week, month – you are right, but if you think it is possible – you are right again. It depends on your point of view.

For the one that mastered the mind, his mind is his best friend, And for the one that did not, his mind will be his greatest enemy.

Lets’ analyze, for a moment, concept of wealth and what it means for each one of us. For someone this word means an association to material things, and for the others it is of spiritual nature. Someone finds it more important what he owns, and someone who he is. Both choices are OK, because each one of us has unique view of the world and his unique goals.

And how do we see wealth? Be open minded while you read what follows. We want your full attention, because it is the most important part of this text! Abundance, wealth, is an ability to do what needs to be done, in a right moment! That’s it! Is it clear? I suppose it’s not that clear. But let your mind to try to understand what we wanted to say. Read the sentence once again – Abundance is an ability to do what needs to be done, in a right moment! There is no money in this definition, right? Nor there is any specific way of getting the abundance.

Abundance can come in monetary form, and we are clear that people are very often confident that abundance comes only in monetary form… When you have such definition of abundance – that it is just money or material belongings, then you have closed all other doors, all other channels that abundance could come through. Most of the people do not appreciate other things like they appreciate money, right? Money become most important thing… Many people think – if I don’t have money I am not worth, people lose their self-esteem if they don’t have money, because comparing to others I am a loser…

When you allow yourself that other things can represent abundance, when you learn to appreciate them same way  you appreciate money, then the thing that leads you personally to the abundance will come to you! PERIOD! It can be ANYTHING – lotto winning, inheritance, coincidence of being on right place at right time, any way that will lead you to do what needs to be done in right moment!

When you equally appreciate things in your life, only then the path with the least resistance shows itself to you. And because you have allowed your brain to think about all possible options of getting to your goal and to abundance!


So, let’s make something meaningful from our lives and let’s gain best friend that will help us many times. We present you 4 steps to free your conscious and subconscious mind and let them work into your merit.

  1. You are not your mind

Understanding that you are not your mind is easy. Mind is a machine that runs our being. There are more than 70.000 different thoughts going through it daily. The task that we put in front of our mind is the direction this powerful machine leads to. You are not mind. You are the one that think and directs.

  1. Be aware of your thoughts

If we remember our thoughts (we can write them down, if it is easier to track them like that) we will see that many of them repeat themselves. Whole life. There is a certain “concept” of our thoughts that are repeating and that define our life, because our being is what we think it is.

You are what you think. When we understand that, accept as a fact, we will find it easier to change our thoughts in desired direction.

With daily tracking of our thoughts we get familiar with our way of thinking and our way of acting. Same thoughts will always lead to same reactions, and same reactions and same acts can’t lead us to different results. It becomes our habit, and in each moment we know the thought.

Do not complicate, do not seek for reasons… For the beginning, become aware of your positive and negative thoughts that keep you where you are now and do not allow you to move forward. As much as you enjoy the process of discovering your believes, in sense of meaningful action, the process will run faster because you will have fun in the process! If you accept the process faster and enjoy it, you will be inspired with the things that are happening. It is a CHANGE by itself, it is art of internal change! First mastery you need to achieve is to BE HERE AND NOW with what is happening, with the faith that everything that happens, happens with a reason! PERIOD!

And you reading this article now, happens with a reason! If you are willing to accept that everything that happens, happens with a reason, to get you closer to yourself, the essence of your being, in order for you to be able to make a progress, so you could see yourself in a reflection of reality of this progress. Then you will be excited for every action and process, and for what they bring to you and what they teach you! Then you will accept and experience every action and process in your life as art, and yourself as an artist. You will see YOURSELF as an artwork and allow the process to develop fast! You will accept each part of the process as necessary (regardless is it poverty, illness or anything else), as a part of art, as something that should be OBSERVED and DISCOVERED, like something that will enhance your understanding of what and who you are!

The goal is not to achieve goal, but rather to enjoy the process that leads us to the goal, and the final goals is just a logical outcome of the process that we enjoyed. Same as we will enjoy the fruits of this process, achieved goal.

If you start observing things like this and stay in such energy, very quickly everything will explode in the desired direction. You will experience changes in many directions, and reality will simply turn in positive direction towards you, bringing you a lot of things that will support your existence!

  1. Meditate

Meditation will help you to get clearer perspective on things. Meditation is the simplest method of calming the mind. Just meditate. There are many ways, techniques, and methods. Choose one that fits you and stick to it at first. Guided meditation, meditation to chakra, mantra, deep breathing, whatever suits you – just do it. Every day. Whenever you can – more than once a day, if you can. Important is to find quiet and peaceful corner. Calm your body and your mind. Do not think. Relax.

Connect with the nature. She is the source for many good feelings. Even it is good, and for some techniques essential, to have a teacher that will guide you for some techniques. But even the simplest methods of meditation will help you. Do it and be persistent and diligent. It is better to meditate for 15 minute each day, that once in few days for few hours.

In order to master meditation, inform yourself on the internet. There are many techniques, and one of them will suit you. Maybe you are ok with just meditation, and maybe you can include prayer in it…

  1. Say thank you

Imagine that what you wanted already happened. Simple THANK YOU is a powerful word. We, as a spiritual being that live material experience in their lives, grow and understand that all people are interconnected by subtle spiritual strings. Mind understands its place and becomes your best friend.

Same as nothing in life is coincidence, no information comes to us RIGH NOWwithout reason. Take a few minutes and think about this text, maybe it hides the key word or sentence that can change your reality.

But remember, key is in you. It is up to you will you finally unlock your potentials. Take your life into your hands!

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