My older son, teenager, asks often: “What is the purpose of life? You get born, live and then die as if you never existed before… For example – you wake up every morning, you go to work, work, you come home, tired, and then hang out with us for a while, and then you go to sleep… Same thing day by day – And what is the purpose of all this?” All my rational explanations didn’t satisfy him.

Really, what is purpose and meaning of life? What are we born for? In most cases, every one of us has his own interpretation of his meaning in life. From the spiritual perspective, there are two basic reasons why are we born. Those reasons define goal of our life on the most basic level:

  • to settle “give-take account” we have with various people
  • to create spiritual progress with the final goal of connecting with God.

Our Karma is such that we, through our many lives, have made many give-take accounts that are direct result of our deeds and actions. Accounts can be positive and negative, based on the nature of our actions. According to some authors (in today era) almost 65% of our lives is defined by destiny (karma), and 35% of our lives is under our direct control and we can manage it with our free will (note: we can overcome those 65% of predestined part using 35% of free will, if we act upon right spiritual practice, but that is the topic for another article). All important events in our lives are predestined to us: births, parents, family, person (persons) we will live with, kids we will have, serious illness and time of death. Happiness and suffering that we live through with our loved ones and our friends, are simply result of prior give-take accounts that define the path of our relationships and relations in general.

And our destiny in current life is just a part of piled up give-take accounts collected through our pervious lives. While we live this life, we settle those accounts and fulfill destiny for this life, we also create new accounts acting upon our free will. This is also added to the final account. As a result, when we get born again, we continue to settle accounts and as this account is more positive, we are closer to God.

Ultimate goals are spiritual development in each spiritual path is connection to God. This means experience God in us and in everything that surrounds us, and not identify ourselves with five senses, mind and intellect. This happens on spiritual level from 100%. Most of the people in today’s world is on spiritual level of 25%, and are not prone to any spiritual practice or spiritual development. They also identify themselves with five sense, mind and intellect. This is manifested in life through the importance of physical looks or by being conceited with our intellect or success.

Anyhow, my son didn’t find these spiritual explanations very close to him… Then I asked myself again – how to tell someone with simple and understandable words what is the meaning of life, so it reflects my real personal attitude and to be acceptable to my son too?

Well, let’s try… I’ll start with the goals. Most of us have our personal life goals. It can be: to become general manager (as I wanted since I was little kid), musician (as I wasn’t allowed to), university professor (like my dad), to be rich and famous, or maybe to be national team player in some sports… Whatever the goal is, for most of us it is of spiritual nature. Our education system is designed to direct us as in the song of a band RibljaČorba – “social, health and regular salary”. Most of the people are satisfied with it. Most of us, as parents, insert into our kids a program we received from our parents, encouraging them to learn and choose their vocations that will bring them more material gains than we have from ours. And it is ok, because you have to live from something, they must pay bills. But what is with my spiritual goals and development? What is with spiritual development of my children?

For me, at one moment, most important question was – how to manage that my material basis or global goal is compliant with my spiritual goals and the reason of my birth?

When spiritual goals are I question, I believe that you have also questioned yourself what is a goal, or purpose of your life? Why are you right here and right now? Do you understand your purpose on the planet? There is something that only you can do on this planet, and nobody else. If you don’t have an answer to this main question, ask yourself following questions in order to get an answer to the main question:

  1. What is my mission in life?

This is not about profession or the way you generate your material basis, the job that pays your bills and feeds you. I think on the mission of the life you live. Why are you alive? Is your mission in life to help others find source of their problems, so they could move on, as we do in Well Being Academy, for example? Is your mission, maybe, to design green houses and help people live in harmony with nature? How your talent can contribute world?

  1. What is the meaning of my life? What gives me purpose?

Does my life have a purpose? Who are the people that I’ve influenced with my actions? Whom I inspired to do some things in life? To whom I’ve showed the path that he needs to go? Maybe my influence I necessary for the new medical treatments, new therapies that heal body and soul? Whatever it is, every one of us has a powerful purpose of its life.

  1. What is my passion?

Maybe the best sign that Universe gives us is our passion for something. Whether it is for helping people, fishing, music, painting or creation of something else completely different; what makes us happy and fulfilled? Allow yourself to discover passion in you (if you already didn’t), and allow your heart to guide you so it can become your live path.

  1. What do I need to start living my dreams today?

If I still don’t live my life, what is it that I can and must learn in order to start living? Is there anything I could read to learn how to live my dreams? Who can help me learn necessary skills?

We struggle each day to make our dreams come true, to meet our material goals to gain happiness and satisfaction. Aspiration towards permanent happiness is fundamental driving force of all ours actions. But, even if we meet these goals, happiness and satisfaction resulting from it are short term, because we seek further for new dream.

Permanent happiness can be reached only through spiritual practice that is compliant with basic principles of our spiritual development. The highest form of happiness, Bliss, is an aspect of God. When we unite with Him we experience continuous Bliss.

This doesn’t mean that we should give up on everything we do and dedicate ourselves just to spiritual practice. This means that only when we unite our spiritual practice with our secular life we can experience unsurpassed and permanent happiness. In short, the more our life goals are in line with the goal of spiritual progress, our life becomes richer and we experience less life suffering.

Be brave and resolutely follow your dreams! Encourage the people around you to do same thing. If we all get to live beautiful, fulfilled and meaningful lives, we can change this world and make it better place for us and our posterity!