Eminent HR expert held a lecture. After the introduction, he took the orange and asked: “If I squeeze this orange with my full strength, what will come out of it?” A girl from first row said: “What a stupid question! If you squeeze it, orange juice will come out of it”. The lecturer said: “True. Orange juice will come out of the orange, cause that’s all there is inside.”

Same thing with the people: When the problems, worries, fears, gossip, insults, pain, squeeze us… there is calmness, gentleness, forgiveness that comes out, or anger, hate, contempt, fear, fury, malice… We would say that came out of us because someone said something to us, but the truth is that only what is inside us can get outside.

Remember, if something burdens you, only what is already inside you will come out. Out of orange never will came apple juice. Same with you, never will come out what is not already inside.