Intimate care of a woman begins long before any medication – in the heart and mind, which the Karma Diagnostics method uses to balance and regain energy balance.

For centuries, women have been enslaved, persecuted, banned, excluded from society, disparaged, and treated as objects and commodities. And today, in a room, in an apartment, sitting, squatting, drawn into herself, humiliated and isolated by a woman who has been denied the right to be educated, to work, to love, to be her own, to be what she is naturally.

Many women in the Western countries have not been denied this. They are not forced to wear religious insignia, to be “owned” by husbands, to remain silent and not to have the right to vote or the right to life. Yet, although seemingly free, their bodies tell them otherwise.

In the Western world, many people have cervical and breast cancers. These diseases are physical manifestations of very complex individual states but also of collective ones – in countries with a constant psychosis of fighting for a living, for survival, in countries where crises occur or where jobs are easily lost and difficult to find (not to mention countries where wars are fought – this is a separate topic).

In such a situation, it is good to work on an individual level – if we cannot change the world, we can change ourselves and help our loved ones change for the better, protect their family and friends, see good things in every event and, when difficult, learn a lesson. To cherish all that is true, beautiful and good, to have compassion, to repent sincerely, to forgive but also to admit error, to show emotion and good and bad, to say openly what is bothering you to the cause of your anguish, to cry. First of all, faith in God enables us to overcome all difficulties and adversities, with God’s love. Prayer is a universal cure! In the end we carry only our good deeds with us, we need to know that when we are chasing so many things that we may not need.

Karma Diagnostics method looks for the cause, not just heal the consequences. A cure can also be a conversation and an opportunity to learn something – we the patient, and they us. It is important to have confidence, loyalty and openness to acknowledge that the problem exists, and then the determination to change in order to solve the problem.

Ovarian cysts are caused by energy disorders

The ovaries and uterus are the center of our sexual and creative energy, the strongest force and most important for the general well-being of the organism.

The oldest oracle in Greece dedicated to the Great Mother of Earth, Sea and Sky is called DELFI, which comes from delphos and means “womb”. The womb is a creative center in relation to itself. Energy disorders are an attachment to the emotions of others, an inability to “beget the most creative part of yourself,” and physical manifestations are fibroids. Uterine problems occur when personal and emotional insecurity prevents a woman from fully expressing her creativity. In these cases, she believes that she lacks the inner strength and ability to do so, and in doing so, she does it herself.

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The ovaries represent our deepest creativity, what can only be born through us and our unique creative potential. Biologically, when a woman has ovulation, the egg attracts sperm by sending them signals. The egg simply waits for the sperm to arrive, it does not go in search of the sperm. The consequence is biological creation, a child who has his own life and the consciousness with which he is connected, and is separated from his mother’s consciousness. When a child is born, the mother must accept that her creation has and will always have its own life and personality, even though it is created from her blood and flesh.

The ovaries also represent pervasiveness in the outside world, too strong, insufficient, or a balanced urge toward financial and creative goals as well as those related to relationships. Energy disorder is a dependency on external authority or approval, and physical manifestations are ovarian cysts, sometimes ovarian cancer. Ovarian problems are the result of a woman’s notion that people and circumstances outside her alone prevent her from being creative.

Another energy affects only the ovaries, but not the uterus – the energy of vindictiveness and bitterness, or the desire to deal with someone. When a woman uses her emotional weapon to enjoy criticizing someone or giving him back dearly, her ovaries are at risk, not her womb.

Benign ovarian outgrowths differ only in the amount of emotional energy invested in them. Ovarian cancer is linked to the extreme need for male authority or recognition, while the woman puts her own emotional need in the last place. A woman may feel that she does not have the strength, perhaps financial or otherwise, to move or change her situation even when she is abused. Unlike cervical cancer, which can be incubated for years, ovarian cancer usually develops very quickly due to sudden psycho-social trauma, such as when a partner announces that she is leaving or dies. Women should express their creative nature throughout their lives. What we create will change and evolve as we grow and evolve. As long as we allow the creativity that is deep within us to express, our ovaries stay healthy.

Emotions in the background of breast cancer

According to Louise Hey, one of the reasons why women get cysts and tumors on the womb is the syndrome of “it’s all butter,” while many women with breast cancer can’t say “no” and respect every concept except themselves.

Nurturing the pain our partner has given us, returning to the “old movie”, the experience that hurts us, fostering false hope, over time lead to gynecological diseases such as changes in the cervix as well as tumors on the ovaries and uterus. In a situation where a woman loves a partner and is suddenly abandoned, cheated, mentally or physically abused, the disease manifests itself after many years because they have not “got over”. It will respond in a milder or more severe “gynecological” form.

Breasts are a body metaphor for giving and receiving. In ancient times, they symbolized the abundance of nature and its ability to sustain life. Much of breast cancer is related to the need to give yourself. The main emotions in the background of breast lumps and breast cancer are the injury, sadness and unfinished emotional problems associated with feeding and giving. The guilt we have because we can’t forgive ourselves or others blocks the energy in our breasts. The risk of cancer is significantly higher if a woman grieved for a person who died, lost her job, or experienced a divorce in the previous five years.

Woman with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon

Women with breast cancer are often prone to self-sacrifice, incapable of receiving the support of others, unable to vent anger or hatred, tend to hide anger or hostility behind the facade of kindness, and often have unresolved hostile conflict with their mothers, as well as an inability to establish good communication with female children. Very often, a woman abandoned by her mother in early childhood, for whatever reason, has a “predisposition” to report any of these conditions, unless she forgives her mother for leaving her in early childhood.

Likewise, there is evidence that women with breast cancer who know they have valuable emotional support from a husband or other person have a heightened immune response. We need to know that it is not the emotion that causes the problem, but rather the inability to express ourselves completely, release the emotions and respond to the situation in a healthy and adaptable way. An extremely stressful life event does not cause breast cancer. Risk is more influenced by how we manage the problem. Grave loss is inevitable and is part of the life process for each of us. What helps is regret without delay, accepting the situation and surrendering to something greater than ourselves.

Also interesting are the places where the disease is located – the right side is male, the one from which we give and the left female – the one we receive. The left side of the body represents the female artistic side, prone to thinking, intuition, imagination (right hemisphere), while the right is more analytical, rational, male side (left hemisphere). Most ovarian cysts were on the left, symbolizing vulnerable womanhood.