Webinar “The abundance of money”


re you looking for an answer to the question: Why is this happening? Why I do not have love, job, time, money, health? Why I have to work all day for someone else and for “peanuts”? Why do I have negative thoughts? Why do I only have dissatisfaction in life? So, the question is how to achieve your goals, how to be successful and how to live a happy and prosperous life?

Webinar “The abundance of money” will give you the answers to all these questions and teach you how to turn everything to your advantage. Finally, you will attract into your life as much money as you want.

There are many answers and different approaches to these questions. Some people will find the answer intheir prayers, some in the hard, uncompromising work, some people in the good organization and logical thinking. However, what if we do our best, but our plans and desires are still not achieved? Then we become aware that there are still some “unknown force” in this money game, and that mastering them will be key in achieving our intention.

To accomplish this, we must adhere to three principles:



Why do we want money? For what we need money? You need to know how much money you would like to earn a monthly or annual basis, and accordingly it is necessary to clearly visualize your own life in abundance.


When we know our “material” goals, it is important to become aware that money is only a mean to achieve higher goal in life, which is a life filled with love. If our material goals are the main one, sooner or later we will lose the joy of life, drive and fulfillment, and life will never make sense. This is exactly what happens to many rich people who become a slave to money and to material things they can afford with the money, and completely disregard values of life ​​that only can fullfillheart and soul.


When you make a firm decision to live in abundance, the Universe will do his best to make it happen. When you become determined to spend life in abundance, you have made the most important step on the path of material wealth.

                                     About the webinar

Benefits for you:

  • You will receive a systematic, clear and applicable knowledge of how to change your attitude towards money and abundance in general
  • You will learn simple techniques to apply to all private and business life
  • You will increase sales and profits


Who is the webinar for?

  • To everyone who has problems with the lack of money
  • To everyone who wants to earn money and to live in abundance, regardless of whether they ae currently employed or not
  • To everyone who has a need for personal contact and personal sales
  • To everyone who has a contact with the potential buyers



  • 4 sessions, 90 minutes each



  • Attitudes toward money
  • What is abundance and how to achieve it
  • What is inhibiting you to live in abundance
  • Practical strategies and tactics for making money
  • Ensuring permanent income



  • 97 EUR per participant


100% money-back guarantee:

  • We are sure that you will get the highest possible quality of the training
  • On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the training we give you a 100% refund if adhering to the guidelines and techniques learned in training within one year you donot earn at least twice as much money than you were earning before training.


Boris Ilić
President of the Board, Board member, General Manager,Sales Director, Marketing Director, Financial director, HR Director, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Ericcsson Certified Coach, Master of Economic Science.
Aleksandra Plećković
Sales & Marketing Director, Karmic diagnostics therapist, Master of Economic Science.

For registration, it is mandatory to book upfront.For further information, please contact the organizers at phone numbers: +381 66-0000-45 or +381 63-4321-71, or by e-mail: webinar@wellbeingacademy.net