Web shop development

The aim of the project

Our goal is to create fully functional web shop, simple to use. Our secondary goal is to educate potential customers about our services and provide useful resources.

Also, another secondary objective is to have possibility to easily share information about our products on social networks (by clicking on the button next to product, as we have now at our existing web site).

We expect you to recommend a model of linking social networks and our YouTube channel with our site with our Web Shop.

Company – Mission

Well Being Academy was founded in 2011 by a group of professionals dedicated to the overall spiritual, mental and physical development of individuals and groups of people. Our team consist of certified experts: Ericcson Certified Coaches, Karma diagnostics therapists, Usui Reiki Master Teachers, NLP Master Coach, Wing Wave Coach , etc. with extensive experience in working with individual clients and groups on their personal and professional development.

What makes us unique in this region is the comprehensive, holistic approach to clients, meaning that first we find the blockage and causing problems in the client’s daily or professional life, or personal and / or professional development, and then assist clients in setting and achieving their personal and / or professional goals.

A wide range and large number of worldwide clients, has enabled us to gain extensive experience and gain a reputation as a reliable partner, a reliable team of experts, which is dedicated to the success of each client. The percentage of successful implementation, and successful transformation of our clients is a phenomenal 83%. We do not see clients as “small” or “large”, “important” or “less important”, but have individual approach to each client, so that with each customer is working appropriate Well Being Academy team member, whose competences and sensibility can best assist the client in the particular case or in a particular situation.

We have different types of programs – from individual therapy session to personal development program called “MASTER OF CHANGE”, which can last from three months to three years. We also have programs for corporate teams, which are executed by colleagues with extensive experience in corporate business (Chairman of the Board, General Manager, Sales Director, Financial Director, HR Manager …).


Braće Jerković 197, 11000 Beograd, Serbia

Team leader phone: Boris Ilić, +381 63-4321-71, e-mail: boris@wellbeingacademy.net.

Project Description / general

Our current web site was made in late 2016 and early 2017. There are still things that can be worked on, but in principle, the site is completed.

We need the most important part – Web shop. We already have a place for connection in our web-site navigation (shop).

Shop will be located at: shop.wellbeingacademy.net

The aim of the web shop is to sell webinars, seminars, music, guided meditations and therapy sessions. In addition to the seminars, we will sell the coaching sessions packages, Karma diagnosis therapy packages, Reiki, and later e-books. There is a thinking that at some point we will start selling T-shirts, cups and similar “promotional” material, but this is not in focus now.

In fact, the products are similar products on the site: //store.tonyrobbins.com/collections/all

This does not mean that the store should be look-alike, but the content will be similar. Look & style of shop should be in line with the existing web-site.

The number of items in our web shop: 60 at the moment, divided into 7 categories: 1. Webinars, seminars, 2. Audio music, 3. Video – guided meditations, 4. E-books, 5. Therapies, 6. Coaching, 7. Physical products (later)

We need a shop which we can easily manage, shop that will look great, allow us to easily add new products, pages, etc. Website should be fully geared towards our customers.

Project description / design and platform

The design should ensure that the website looks great, works great on mobile devices and desktop computers, and enables fast and easy ordering process and payment. We would also like to increase our e-mail list and to be able to easily “SHARE” content on social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Provide these options.

It is very important that our logo is prominently visible and be used where ever is possible. We would like our “golden” color to prevail. We want the web shop exudes refinement and to be “special” in every aspect (as our offer is special on the market). It is not intended for “the masses” and does not pretend to meet “ordinary” audience, but to an element of a web shop can deduce what kind of organization like (Well Being Academy).

The platform to be used for Web shop: we do not have a preference. Must have excellent cooperation with Word Press, and all data on purchases must be stored in our CRM – Infusion Soft.

Project Description / browsers

Supported browsers must be: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge.

Project Description / marketing

While marketing is not included in the budget for this project, we are open to discussions and suggestions on this topic.

Description of the project / coding and connecting

Web shop must be fully integrated into our back-end CRM – Infusion Soft. We will use Infusionsoft to manage communication with clients, marketing campaigns and monitoring of campaigns.

Integration with CRM is essential, because all web shop customers and visitors who register here, must regularly receive e-mail newsletters, must be involved in marketing automation, CRM / contact management.

It is necessary to integrate the possibility of automatically sending a newsletter to all subscribers to the newsletter when setting up any new products on the site. The MOST FREQUENT SENDING – once, daily at 19 pm / CET.

Expected expertise

  • Experience in creating and maintaining a WordPress theme, the theme AVADA advantage
  • Extensive experience with the following web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of WordPress standard database structure, themes, widgets and responsive mobile development
  • Experience with WordPress integration of plug-ins and development
  • Knowledge of Web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Custom Search)
  • The ability to design and implement web services
  • Successful delivery of at least 5 web shop projects
  • Created at least one “tailor-nade” WordPress theme / project
  • Experience in working with teams that are not in the same location
  • Technical experience with implementing SEO in WordPress
  • Basic and advanced skills to create the user interface.


The ideal would be if implementation could be done in one month period, after the project was appointed to selected web developer.

Payment method on the site

Payment will be completely digital / electronic. All payments should be directed to:

  • PayPal account.
  • Digital wallet – Bitcoin and FirstCoin. We may accept more than one digital currency.
  • Credit cards

Please suggest other solutions for paying by credit cards. We’re open to all kinds of suggestions.

Timeline & Milestones

  • Request for proposal – sent by 07/22/2017.
  • Submitting proposals – by 08/02/2017
  • Interview Period – by 08/10/2017.
  • Presentation of the terms of reference by potential partner – 08/12/2017.
  • Final selection and signing of a contract – 08/15/2017.
  • Project Completion – 08/31/2017.


The budget is flexible.

Payment method

PayPal. 30% immediately after signing the contract, 30% upon completion of design and 40% after receiving qualitative project.


After the completition of the project, we expect further cooperation and support. Propose modalities of cooperation.

Expected deliveries

  • project management on your side
  • content visual design (illustrations, information, design)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Front-end coding (HTML / CSS animations)
  • Back-end coding (CMS, 3rd party APIs, custom software / features)
  • Custom software or app development (if any)
  • Mobile device optimization
  • Testing & quality assurance
  • Software training (if needed)

Other important information

Having experience with numerous projects so far, the following facts are important in making a final decision on the choice of web development firm / individual for this project:

  • Technical Expertise – The ability to understand all the components that are involved in the project and make recommendations for the implementation of each segment.
  • Proactive approach – Ideally we would like to find the person / company that fully understands our needs and make recommendations based on their experience with similar web sites / technologies.
  • Communication – Communication is important, we will have a fully dedicated project manager from our side and we want to have the same on your side. It is very important that we understand each phase of the project on both sides and that every next step we agree upon together, knowing the exact timing of each next step.
  • Customer Service – We want to make sure that the chosen developer will take care of us as a customer, or that the web developer has a permanent healthy relationships with numerous of existing customers, because this is a long-term business relationship.
  • Internet Marketing – Although not the subject of this project, Internet marketing is a huge part of our larger plan. Knowing how to optimize a website and promotions for our target audience is more than useful.
  • No outsourcing – We’ve done different projects with outsourcing companies. Wherever the team was outsourced, we had a delay, exceeding of the budget and all-in-all we had often chaos. We prefer no outsourcing. However, if you do outsource, it is necessary to submit the contract between you and your associates, from which we will see clearly who is responsible for what.
  • Experience – Relevant experience regarding this particular project – sale of digital content, experience with similar companies in our industry will be an advantage.

The final proposal should contain all of the above, and in particular we will check the quality and number of previous references. Please provide contact details of at least 2 recent clients, that we can call or contact via e-mail.

Format for proposals submitting

Ms Word or PDF.

Deadline for submission of proposals