Have you find yourself in a situation that even though you’ve finished desired schools, have desired joy, accomplished all that is possible, you still ask yourself – what am I doing here? Who am I actually? Is this what I really want or there is something else I’d rather do and that would make me happier and fulfill? Or simply you felt in your soul that you don’t fit in current environment? What is my life mission?

We were born in human shape in order to fulfill our life mission. Fields of pure potential is in its essence divine, and divine takes human shape in order to fulfil its mission. Created like this, every one of us, through gaining different skills, fulfills his mission given by Creator, creates an image of highest, perfect creation. Every one of us, with no exceptions, is irreplaceable part of mosaic and a part of love that creates everything, and this mosaic is the picture of God, picture of Love. In line with this, every one of us is unique and we all possess unique talent and the way we demonstrate it. In other words, there is something we know better than anyone on this world.

For every unique talent and its reflection, there are unique needs. When they synchronize with the expression of your talent, life of creative plenty emerges. If we demonstrate our unique talent and at the same time we satisfy the needs of other people, we fulfill our life mission and the unlimited wealth is created.

How to discover our unique talent, our life mission? Above all, we are all born to discover it. Some waste their life not succeeding it. So, it doesn’t matter how easy and obvious it might look, but because of our preoccupation with daily life, we are not able to see what are we best at, why are we here and what can we offer to others.

Find a calm place, where you will not be interrupted, take a pen and write what would you do if you have all the money in the world and all the time? Be honest, be free and be relaxed, don’t think about obstacles, just write what would you do if you’d have everything and not having to worry about anything.

If you would still be doing what you do now, then you do fulfill your life mission, because you feel passion for what you do – you are expressing your unique talent.

If you now do something that is far away from your life mission, then define a list of small goals for you, that will lead you to fulfilling your life mission. Don’t put in front of you big and frightening goals, because you will give up on its realization, or its achievement will be unreachable to you. Start with small steps and be persistent. Only limitation on our path of fulfilling life mission is our ability to define what we actually want. If you need help with it, go see your therapist or the person that will be your mirror and that will guide you towards all answers that you have, but you are not able to see them yourself.

By finding your unique talent, you will reach the feeling of inner happiness and joy. But, in order for you to reach complete fulfilment, your unique talent must be placed in function and to serve humanity with him, to fulfill your life mission and to live in harmony with your inner ME. In other words, if you have divine voice, sing to people, if you write nicely, then write. If you are cooking wonderfully, enable others to taste your food. If you like to clean, why don’t you offer it to others?! There is no wrong or less valuable talent, each is divine and unique, and the proof of it being divine will come only if you share it with others.

In next 7 days do following:

  • Pay attention on the voice or spirit in you that drives your body and mind through daily activities, daily routine or silence and meditation.
  • Create a list of your unique talents
  • Ask yourself daily how you could use your talent to satisfy the needs of others.

Everyone who feels that they need help with their introspection while defining life mission or to connect with yourself, can contact us ofr karmic diagnostic session or coaching on:pitanja@wellbeingacademy.rs/.

By spending time for few month, you will actively enjoy in your self-knowledge, finding and expressing your divine, unique talents, and create your life the way you were born for, full of inner satisfaction, fulfillment, peace, joy and love.

Only pure feeling of security and peace in life comes from the knowledge that we progress daily. Each pattern of behavior, thinking or feeling that constantly emerges becomes habit. Therefore create new habit to quickly and efficiently solve first big and then small problems in your life, because overcoming them is a temptation that shapes our character.

Your Academy <3