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Are you ready

Past, present, future… We are confused with what happened, what is happening right now and expectancy of what is going to happen, and still we secretly hope that some thrill will happen and show us that our life is going good way and that everything is not lost jet. We wake up in the morning, [...]

Life is a picture

For my entire childhood, my parents had big puzzle on a special table in our living room. My father, who started it, always was hiding the box cover. The idea was that we solve a picture, without ever seeing it. Different family members and friends that were coming at our house, have helped us, sometimes [...]

How to wait for tomorrow or the fear of uncertainty

Today, it is impossible to imagine life without uncertainty and changes, and it is in human nature to avoid them, to be afraid of them and to unwillingly leave his comfort zone. It is known, however, that the development of personality and relations is impossible without getting out of our comfort zone. Most often we [...]