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The strength of spoken word

There are numerous moments when we say something in anger and regret immediately and feel guilty for hurting loved ones. Then we wish to bring back the time and erase spoken words. Unfortunately, words once said can’t be erased. Anger is an emotion that easily transforms into sadness, hurt and very often into violence. [...]

Are you ready

Past, present, future… We are confused with what happened, what is happening right now and expectancy of what is going to happen, and still we secretly hope that some thrill will happen and show us that our life is going good way and that everything is not lost jet. We wake up in the morning, [...]

How to discover what are you predestined for?

How to find the way that will give you strength and that will be good for you personally and the world that surrounds you? At the end, how to determine which job will bring you resources for life? We will consider couple of options.  If you still don’t know what to do in life In [...]

Inhale life energy

Our life begins and ends with a breath. When born, with first breath and first cry we inhale new life completely alone, independent of mother. With last breath goes our life energy. Therefore, we can say that breathing is the most important life process of human body. Modern man simply doesn’t know to breathy correctly, [...]

Who are the people that steal your energy?

Have you ever experienced lack of energy after meeting one person? Sometimes just thinking about one person draws energy from you and you feel suffocation and exhaustion? We have a good and a bad news for you. Bad one is that you are not the only one, and the good one is that you simply [...]