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How to discover what are you predestined for?

How to find the way that will give you strength and that will be good for you personally and the world that surrounds you? At the end, how to determine which job will bring you resources for life? We will consider couple of options.  If you still don’t know what to do in life In [...]

How to help?

You can often hear – I go to churches, sorcerers, healers – nothing helps! Illness stays as it was! And now I do not trust no one and nothing! Is it possible to help a man in such condition? What can you tell me? It seems to me that hospital and church should not be [...]

What is the purpose of life?

My older son, teenager, asks often: “What is the purpose of life? You get born, live and then die as if you never existed before… For example – you wake up every morning, you go to work, work, you come home, tired, and then hang out with us for a while, and then you go [...]

Who are the people that steal your energy?

Have you ever experienced lack of energy after meeting one person? Sometimes just thinking about one person draws energy from you and you feel suffocation and exhaustion? We have a good and a bad news for you. Bad one is that you are not the only one, and the good one is that you simply [...]

The Law on life mission or I have a talent!

Have you find yourself in a situation that even though you’ve finished desired schools, have desired joy, accomplished all that is possible, you still ask yourself – what am I doing here? Who am I actually? Is this what I really want or there is something else I’d rather do and that would make me [...]