One day, one blind man was sitting on the stairs of one building, with a heat near his feet and with one sign with the words:

“I am blind, please HELP ME.”

One passerby, advertising expert, stopped noticing that there were just few coins in the hat. He bent to give money, and then, without asking, he took the sign turned it and wrote new words.

During the day, he came back noticing that the hat, this time, was full of coins and money.

Blind man, recognizing the man bay the footsteps, asked him did he wrote new sign and what does it says now.

The passerby answered:

“I didn’t write any misstatement – I’ve just wrote your message in different way”, he smiled and got lost in the crowd.

So, blind man didn’t know that the sign had this words:

“Today it is spring… and I can’t see it.”


PREPARE THE STRATEGY, when everything around you go wrong, you will see that later everything will get better…