Heraclitus said that the life is like river, because you cannot step twice into the same water. Existence is always new, and we are still in the temptation to impute always same the reactions. When we resist to anything, it means that we are trying to transfer known believes and habits into new situation.

Nature acts with least resistance and all processes in it act in accordance with the most optimal consumption of energy with minimal loss. Progress always comes through imagination, inspiration and desires, and all of it emerges spontaneously. Work is not prerequisite for inspiration.

If we, as adults, find it difficult to be in river stream, kids find it very natural and easy. Until 6 years old, children are natural in this state. Their biggest activity is not work, but PLAYING.

Older kids should be explained what acceptance and lack of resistance means. Non-resistance is related to acceptance, because when you have to defend your attitude, conflicts emerge and chaos, and both represent huge loss of energy. Tray to make things on our way is a challenge few people can resist, but the law of least resistance says that we can make a result through different tools, without tension and conflict!

We are all trained that fight and effort lead to success, and we learn our kids same thing. But, it is much more important to have faith in our desires and goals. When you assume that other people are here to stop you to succeed, you have no other option but to defend. Therefore, it is important to teach kids that there is power that make dreams come true, and that is much stronger than the power of other people.

Children need to learn that success and fulfilment come from within, and that this within is the only thing important. Every one of us is responsible for its feelings, desires and decisions about how we treat life challenges.

Tre activities that you can do with your children any day are:

  • Find a game in at least one daily activity. Actually, every activity can be turned into game, eliminating the pressure. Under the pressure comes warnings, threats, time limitations, guilt, money offers or other kind of award for what is done. Well done activity is the one you do when you feel relaxed and comfortable. Perfectionism and compulsion are based on fear and control, and they create resistance. Job done with tiredness, and resistance is not worth finishing. Result will be shaded with negativity that comes with it. This way you will play life game with the rules you create, and you will teach your kids to go through life with ease and to accept all situations in life, even the hardest ones, as game.
  • Talk to your children about the situations when solutions were much easier than you were thinking. The point is to eliminate presuppositions they sip on us, that the life is full of problems. Life is not problematic, but ours attitudes towards it can be.
  • Encourage your children with questions like “Did you think of something new today? Are you surprised how easy it was, and you was thinking it will be hard?” Encouragement the attitude towards creative solutions from earliest age opens the door to inspiration in years that are to come.

To conclude, do something with ease means:

  • Transfer all we do to into game and fun, and it will bring us relax and good mood
  • Do things with ease and put challenges in front of us
  • Look forward to changes, because life is a change, and when we change or circumstances change, this means we are alive
  • Be open for different possibilities of doing something
  • Be open for the answers that will come while we are looking for solution
  • Be patient until inspiration appears.

Use every moment to pass to your children these knowledge and experiences, because by doing so you will show them how to live a life with ease. Maybe it is one of the best life lessons that you can teach them.

Life is a game, and your life is your game and allow yourself to be the one who is setting the rules.

Your Academy <3