Working on ourselves, work on improvement of our life, seek for happiness, change of lifestyle and change of bad habits is at the moment very popular, as if there is certain obsession about it. We live in time when we are faced with information from the internet that tell us how lifestyle in the past was destructive for an individual and humanity in general. Depression, illness, pollution… pushed us to the end where we finally understand that we can’t look for happiness anywhere else but inside us.

This is where begins our quest for fulfilment and personal happiness, finding the purpose of life. We can read about how to get to know ourselves, how to awake our behavior led by unconscious patterns from the past, how to change destructive habits and focus on healthy lifestyle. In those information we recognize ourselves, we compare ourselves with those who live healthier and better, and it seems that because of it they live better and happier life. We are bombed with all this information. We became possess to change as much as we can in our lives and we tend to solve and improve the more we can.

Every work on ourselves has a certain level of self-criticism in the background. We recognize everything that is wrong in us and around us and we forget how good we are. And then we tend to improve as much as we can, following the model of life we adopted as perfect. We require from ourselves to follow global changes and to change as much as we can, being afraid that destructive behavior will lead us in wrong direction. But, why are we doing it? Why do we aspire to this idealism ad perfection?

There are convictions that if we change all we see that is wrong in us and around us, we would be happy and fulfilled and there would be no more problems to face with, no pain and suffering. That we would be 24 hours a day happy, fulfilled and at ease.

But that’s not how it is.

Belief that problem exist and needs to be solved causes thought that we are constantly in problems and that there is constant need for problem solving. As a consequence, we believe that problems are responsible because we are not happy, fulfilled and satisfied in life. And then we blame ourselves because we didn’t solve problems, or we still believe that our final salvation will occur when we solve all problems. But as long as you believe that problems exist, they will exist, regardless of how perfect your life is, or how much you tried to make it perfect.

Our perception is the one that leads us to see ourselves as perfect or imperfect creatures, and we do not need to seek for perfection. We already are perfect, it’s just hard to perceive it, because our focus is on problem solving that confirms us that we are not perfect. We actually constantly seek for approval that we are worth to be perfect.

The point of the story is – you do not have to be “perfect” to be happy!

Do not seek for reasons to be unhappy and unfulfilled. You do not have to wait to solve everything you see in yourself that needs to be solved – in order for your reality to be perfect. You do not have to exterminate every bad thing in you to be happy.

You are here and now regardless of everything, and you can choose this moment now – in order to be fulfilled and happy. Your reality will never be perfect, until you see it as imperfect.

Concept of achieving perfection pretends to finality. In our mind, it is a moment of future we need to achieve, in order for our suffering and pain end, in order to ne sinless. Our mind achieving of this moment sees as time obstacle that needs to be moved to get somewhere in the future, that will be much better and prettier, and that will be perfect in our belief. It’s just our illusion. Perfection is in change, and not in the end.

Conscience aspires to evolution. If conscience would achieve perfection, it would be a moment when it could not evolve anymore. What would happen after that? Self-destruction? Or further expansion? In that case there is no end.

The only finality and only constant that exist in life is change. Live change. Live moment.  Feel the perfection in each moment of your existence.

There is no problem or reason that should make you feel bad, and to make bad feeling a definition of your existence. Of course, there will always be things you won’t like, but they are no reason for you to be unhappy in general. You can get sad, be angry, and feel hopeless. It is all ok. It is here for a reason. Our pain reactions to something we don’t like, are not a part of imperfection. On the contrary. They are part of our perfect system that gives us signals and directs us to further change and growth. Those are signals that show us what is it that we can transform further and turn it into something beautiful. We are creators of our lives.

Imagine a plant that grows and faces obstacles. Tis obstacle can for a moment change process of growth, but will not stop it. Plant can twist, change the course, avoid obstacle. And grow into beautiful tree. Strength that was necessary for overcoming obstacle, will create strong tree with beautiful fruits. Plant can even destroy obstacle, destroying with its strength and power even a concrete wall. Seeds will fall on the ground and new, stronger, plants will grow.

We are like plants. Whole human history is like the plant that grow avoiding the obstacle.

Our growth and development are much more subtle and slower than it might seem. Our logical mind creates obstacles, because it requests from us to change all at once, aspiring to finally free ourselves from pain. And the pain will not disappear even if you achieve this perfect life you desire. Only your perception of pain will change, and the way you face pain.

You can always choose whether you will wake up cheerful and smiled, or grumpy and sad. Accept yourself completely, understand that everything that you think is imperfect in you – is just an illusion. You are perfect, the way you are, even it is hard for you to understand, and it doesn’t have to stop you to enjoy your existence. Be happy and cheerful, make a click in your head when you face something you see as a problem.

Next time you face problem read out loud to yourself following sentences:

  • I have plenty reasons to feel fulfilled and happy.
  • I am happy even when everything isn’t perfect.
  • I am happy.
  • Therefore, I’m still perfect.

Enjoy change!