What is love? Eternal question and eternal issue…

“Love is just a word and nothing more…” song says. Linguistically it is just a word, if written on paper. But word LOVEread or spoken loudly… is something completely different, because word love evokes emotions. Every one of us felt love at least once in life. There are many kinds of love… Love is when our mother breastfeeds us for months, so we can grow and start walking. Love is when our father gives us a bath, and we peen or poop while he gently holds us in a bathtub. Also, love is when someone sincerely loves us, believes in us even when we make a mistake, even maybe when he or she doesn’t agree with our decisions, acts and choices. Love is when someone holds our hand in silence and is happy to be with us, but love is also when there is no reason for love, and someone accepts you the way you are. Love is when we do something that the person we love will be proud of us for, and love is when we disappoint and reject someone, and that someone doesn’t reject us. Love is all of this and much more. Love is a state. Love is existence. Love comes within, from the bottom of our soul and spreads all over the body flooding conscious, and even more subconscious, allowing us to spread our positive energy, energy of love to our environment. Love is all that makes our essence, the thing we are made of; love is what we seek for our entire life and can’t exist without it. Love is limitless. Love has no boundaries. Love is unconditional. Love is not fulfilling other people wishes, even if those people are our kids, parents, partners. Love is not just an emotion. Love is not when someone asks us to be what we are not.

Love is all of this and much more. Love is when someone loves us the way we are, without the desire to change something on us. Love is when someone ACCEPTS us with all our virtues and flaws. Love is power, love is inspiration, love is driving force, love is our life fuel, LOVE IS EVERYTHING.

Only with love we can change ourselves and world around us, but if we try other way, like unwanted and unasked advices, conditioning, commands… we will face cold wall and withdrawal before our requirements. Love melts the coldest heart and we can’t hide it, nor fake it, because it’s felt by heart and soul.

So, when we think that we can achieve someone change with critics and judgment, stop and ask yourself is it really like it seems… If change happens this way, it won’t be honest nor permanent. And who has use from such change?

An old proverb says: “A niceword an iron door opens”, or in our case, ONLY LOVE CAN OPEN SOMEONE’S HEART…

Maybe some of you recalled an old wound, when hearing the word love, or some new wound?

This is just a part of our thinking regarding what love is.

What is love for you? <3