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If we were to guarantee that you will set and meet your goals, would you be ready to invest some of your time and money to learn techniques, skills and knowledge for achieving the success on professional and personal development? If the answer is YES, then you are on the right place. Neurolinguistics programing (NLP) is basically communication model, or set of techniques that analyses ways and elements of communication with ourselves in order to achieve a goal. But NLP also relates to techniques of communication with other people.

NLP emerged in 70-ties when two American scientists Richard Bandler and John Grinder made a model based on experiences and results of leading psychotherapists back then. Each of them worked differently, but each of them also had good results. Richard and John modulated the approached those scientists had in order to identify patterns of behaviour, or structure and call it different names. Later thy also modulated other successful persons and their strategies.

What NLP stands for?

Neurorefers to the way of thinning, or on the different (conscious and unconscious) ways of processing the data coming from outer world. Our perception of world we live in is just our subjective experience, and NLP is focusing on those subjective experiences. Whether the day is nice or ugly for one person depends on how this person feels that day, and on hersubjective experience. Challenge is the feeling that we have that this subjective experience is out of our control – that it comes on its own. Among others, NLP focuses on impact of creating of useful subjective experience in a given situation.

Linguistic refers to words. People describe their experiences with words. Beside describing the experience, words are also a tool of perception. When we say that the day is hot, we can pretty well imagine sunny, bright summer day with high air temperature

NLP explains effect of the words on our way of thinking, our change of moods and our behaviour. Programing refers to the human habits, behaviour programs that we gain from very early age of our life. Humans are beings of habit. Sometimes, habits are desired and useful, but sometimes completely unwanted. Good news is that every habit can be changed no matter how bat it can be on us. NLP uses simple but jet effective methods of changing of way of thinking that are compliant with our values and goals, and result with wanted changes in behaviour.

NLP helped many to completely change their lives on better, just the way they wanted id all their lives and didn’t know how to do it.

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Sertifikovani NLP koučevi iz Well Being Academy kroz programe ličnog rasta i razvoja, odnosno kroz različite trening i koučing programe vam pomažu da ostvarite promene koje želite, odnosno da postavite i ostvarite sve ciljeve koje želite. Programi su zasnovani na NLP principima i uključuju sve tehnike, veštine i znanja koji nam omogućuju ostvarenje uspeha na području profesionalnog i razvoja poslovanja, ličnog razvoja i unapređenja porodičnih odnosa.
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