History showed us that people with optimistic view on life usually have more success than others.

20 years ago, for me personally, change of negative mental attitude into positive one resulted in completely different lifestyle, personally and professionally. When I changed my way of thinking and started to have positive view on world around me, so many things changed. I’ve found great and well payed job in another country, in multinational company and went with my family to live abroad. I was much more efficient in my work, and my family time I was using more efficient than before. I almost completely stopped watching TV and waste my time.

Following is my receipt in 5 steps, or five things that helped me personally to free myself of my negative thoughts and become positive.


One of the easiest ways to be positive is to express gratitude. Being thankful for what you have at the moment, whether it is a thing or relationship with people around you, releases negativity that you might have in you. Gratitude brings you in connection with feeling of love. Where love lives, fear and all other emotions can’t, negative emotions run as fastest they can. Best and most efficient way to express gratitude in your life is to do it each morning. After waking up (you can do it while you brush your teeth or while taking a shower) count at least 10 things you are grateful for. You can do it silently or out loud, however suits you, but each thing you count, and you are grateful for, must come directly from your life. If you close your eyes, it can additionally help you feel grateful and/or to remember easier things you are thankful for.

  1. GIVE

Many times, negative feelings can be caused by focusing on negative aspects of your life. Generally, people are much more focused on negative than positive aspects of life. You can change that feeling right away by unconditionally giving to others. It doesn’t necessary have to be in material possessions. You would be surprised how one simple hug, you give from your heart, canbr beneficial for both of you. Hug and stay like that for 10,20 seconds and feel how nice and pleasant energy flows…

You can share your knowledge, point of view, your wisdom and your skill with people around you, as we do it on Fb page of Well Being Academy. If somebody seeks for advice, help him. Do not hesitate or doubt in your capabilities to help someone. Just let go to feeling, or the need to help someone, without expecting anything in return. Even a smallest gesture or shared thought can cause huge change with someone else you have shared it with. Of course, material giving to less fortunate ones, poor ones, relatives, friends… also has a beneficial effect on your soul, your feelings, on you feeling more positive.

Bible says “give, and you will be given to”. Give and you will immediately be given feelings and positive energy.

Interesting story about giving is related to Alfred Nobel and the reasons of founding Nobel’s prize, given to people who do good in world and to humanity.

It was in 1888, Nobel was Norwegian chemist that was famous and rich due to discovery and manufacture of dynamite. His brother, Ludvig died in France. Alfred Nobel, who was reading daily newspapers let them go and grabbed his head. His huge sorrow was enlarged with dismay. He read obituary form French journalist – not his brother’s but his! Editor mixed up brothers. The title was: “Dealer of death is dead.” Editor described Alfred Nobel as a man who become rich by helping people to kill other people with dynamite.

Truly affected by this description of his life, Alfred Nobel decided to use his wealth to change his legacy, and what he will be remembered by. Eight years later, he died and left more than 9 million dollars for financing awards for people whose work was focused on doing good for humanity. They become popular as Nobel’s prizes.

Alfred Nobel had rare opportunity – to see estimation of his life at the near end and to still have opportunity to change his life. Before his life ended, Nobel assured to invest his money in something with higher value. He gave everything he had to award others, strangers to him, and to stimulate them to work for mankind. I can imagine how would he feel now knowing that his giving away still contributes to mankind. Today, rarely anyone knows that Alfred Nobel is founder of dynamite, but everyone knows him as a philanthropist.


It is known that those who have skill to control their breathing, also have a skill to control their mind, and their lives. Remember one situation when you’ve lost it. What has happened? In anger, breath becomes short and fast. If you can control breathing, you can recognize, understand and immediately change your negative emotions and state you are or controlling at the moment; so, in just few seconds you can gain complete control of your behavior and emotions. Deep breathing is one of the most important ways to repel disturbance and to gain control over your emotions, because when we think with cold head, we bring better decisions, decisions that are not emotional but rational.

Practice aware breathing, during meditation or while you are sitting still. While inhaling (through nose), become aware and feel how air that comes into your body enters deeply in your lungs. Feel how air comes to deepest part of your lungs. Feel how you exhale and how it leaves your body (through mouth) and release tension. Repeat this for couple of minutes and you will see yourself entering incredibly beautifully and relaxed state.


Your ability to visualize can be used as a powerful weapon for you to become more positive. Many famous people from business world, sports, show biz, including Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others, use the powers of visualization to attract what they want during the life, and why wouldn’t you too?

Start by closing your eyes. Remember some positive feeling that have happened in your past. In your head see an event as it happened, hear what you have heard then, and feel what you have felt. Experience this feeling as if it happens right now. Experience every moment, regardless of its duration. If you want, keep little longer the most beautiful moment. When you open your eyes, allow yourself to maintain the positive state. Effects of visualization can enhance, if you have meditated prior to it.

Now, while in this state of positivity, think what you want to create, but as if you have already done it.


Meditation is one of the most efficient ways for you to become positive. Regular meditation can spread the conscious of each individual and create clear relationships between mind, body and soul. Through meditation, you can learn to free yourself from negative emotions that restrain you and disable you to connect with your higher “ME”.

Find quiet and comfortable place to sit, lay or whatever is comfortable to you. Close your eyes, inhale few times and allow yourself to relax. While breathing, feel how you free yourself from all emotions that you hold and that hold on to you. With each next inhalation, let a bit more. While letting, aware that everything around you is made of love, and allow yourself to live in this love.

If you apply those tactics and apply techniques I described, you will be connected with full life, you will control your life, and you will experience more happiness than ever before.