Egyptian pyramids are considered to be one of the seven wonders of ancient world. It is known that Kheops pyramid has bigger surface than ten football fields! When one thinks about the tools that were used in ancient period, he asks himself how pyramids were built at all. How ancient civilizations managed to build such huge structures without modern technology and machines? How their building plans looked like? Whose idea was it? Which natural resources were necessary?  According to available data, builders used each opportunity – even those that look like obstacles – and with the help of faith and creativity, they left us such amazing buildings.

In some sense, we can also pull out such building process. Actually, each new day, with all possible obstacles, offers also an opportunity for creating and building of what we want. Our ancestors form all around the world had rivers on their paths, and they built bridges and dams. They went to woods to cut trees in order to build and heat their homes. They cleared fields and sow and reaped; made tunnels through mountains. They were surviving through extreme heat and cold weather, but they kept going on, forward.

We are blessed to live in times when someone who wants to start a business and is ready to take necessary steps for it, has an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Progress of humanity request entrepreneurship. If there is a plan or a guideline that should be followed, it is not hard to start. Value of final plan can easily be understood because it helps avoidance of unnecessary waste of time. Dedication to goal and hard work are important values that help dreams come true. Herbert Curtis, car manufacturer, once said: “Do your job better each day. Do it better than anyone. Do it better than it is required. Do not let anyone or anything come between you and your hard work. I know that this sounds likeold fashion. It is, but it’s also the thing world was built on”.

PsychiatristBeran Wolf sat it this way: “If you observe really happy man, you will see that he, for example, builds a boat, writes a symphony, tutors his son, grow dahlia or is in search for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi Desert. He is not looking for a happiness as if it was a button from the shirt that has rolled under the radiator, as if it was the goal by itself. He becomes aware that he is happy by living his life twenty-four hours a day”.

Isn’t “live a life” important base for building our dreams? There are real opportunities in you, in creative genius of your mind. Based on the external environment and circumstances, current situation, and relationships, you can be creative!

Choose wisely what you want, with lot of thinking and prayer. Be sure that it is worth of your effort, time, creativity and that it can bring you blessing of serving to others. Be aware of what you want to accomplish, plan the way you can meet your goal step by step, from day to day. Pyramid builders built stone by stone. They started from the basis and build upwards. Most of the projects include same process – step by step. We start from the beginning and work towards the finish line. If we are open and receptive, we will provide the resources needed.

One journalist was complaining to a French novel writer, playwright and essayist,Marcel Aymé that modern world disrupts free development of human being.

  • “I do not agree”, said Ayme calmly, “I think that I am perfectly free”.
  • “But you must feel certain limitations of your freedom”, the journalist replied.
  • “Oh, yes”, answered Ayme, “from time to time I learn that I am tremendously stiffed by vocabulary!”.

What it takes for you to become an innovator? First, to recognize that you have the strength in you to be creative. After that, to be ready for new experiences, to discover new areas that will offer you the space for the activity development. Being open and receptive enables us to learn a lot about the world and helps honest and creative individuals to become entrepreneurs. People who aspire to success, know that self believe is important, because the limits only exits in our heads, in us. In Gospel of Luke (17:21), we find Jesus teaching that reminds us that “for the kingdom of God will shall not say: Here it is or there it is; for behold, it is within you”. That is the true boundary that we need to investigate: our internal being, the divine in us!