“Thankful man can’t be unhappy”, says Doctor Tom Kosta and adds: “You can’t be grateful and unhappy at the same time.”

Gratitude always emerges in a heart full of Love and brings healing power with it. At the same time, sensitive Path of Love introduces us with her true divine being.  She is inventible way of our recognition of happiness, celebrating life and introduction of truth. She gives us way to look from perspective of Almighty and to feel the purpose that can’t be described with words.

You must be familiar with the stories of people who had health, success and bliss of every kind, but weren’t happy. What was missing was gratitude. It is impossible to love without it. And the one who doesn’t love can’t have true joy and happiness.

Also, I believe you are familiar with peaceful periods in life when all problems are gone before smile and happiness. I call it – a paved road section. It might seem sometimes that what’s coming isn’t fair, but don’t give up: soon you will find you self on the section full of holes, and then dirt road. Have you ever thought that this might have its purpose? This way life disables driver to fall asleep.  Journey is long and from time to time greater attention is required, as well as the knowledge and experience, and careful ride teach us patience that can change things.

It’s surprising how naturally we accept those calm periods and favorable winds for our journey. It seems fair and natural and we find justificationfor those days. We almost never hear someone say: “Why tis good things happen to me? How have I deserved it? And when something bad happens, we always ask why to us. It’s like we always take good for granted, and not accepting bad things whatever it is (because every bed resulted in something good, every loss resulted with ne joy and strength).

Here is a story that confirms it:

There once was one very old and poor Chinese man that only had one son and one horse. But, one day horse escaped. When they heard the news, all elderly citizens came to comfort man, saying: “What is the misery that has come to you and made horse to escape!” Old man then replied: “How do you know it is misfortune?”

Few days later, horse came back with six wild horses. When they saw that, citizens came again and saying: “How happy you are now, now you have seven horses”.  The old man thought for a moment, and then answered: “How do you know it is luck?” That afternoon, old man’s son decided to ride wild horse. He fell and was crippled. Citizen gathered again and said: “What a disaster, now your son can’t walk!” Again, old man had the same answer: “How do you know it is a disaster?” The citizens got confused and dispersed.

Next morning, emperors people came in that same city. They had order to make a list of young, capable man for building a ten miles long wall. All young man from the city were taken, except the old man’s son. When that happened, citizens were sure that they finally understood old man’s wisdom. They went to see him again, saying: You are so lucky that they did not take your son to build a wall. The old man asked them again: “How do you know it’s luck?”

At this moment, all citizens were completely confused. They left old man and had a meeting. After that, they came back again and said: ”We were talking and agreed that you are the wisest man in China. It would be our luck to have you as a prefect.”

The old man opened his hands in despair and said: “How do you know it would be luck? I don’t want to do that.” And then he left.

Gratitude is the one that makes us feel good things from within and let them bring us happiness and joy, and it helps us bare unwanted situations better and use them as our opportunities for growth and development; it makes misery away from our hearts, she teaches us that happiness and satisfaction are not same thing; she is our road sign to our own heart and to the hearts of our loved ones, she is our way of giving and receiving of Love!

Of course, I is hard to feel gratitude in the moments of being pressured by trouble, when we suffer loses and fighting illness. But gratitude should not be a result of what is happening to us, but rather our attitude that we will practice and nurture, until it becomes our habit. Gratitude helps us move focus from what we don’t have and what we are losing to what we already have and receive. It is a great way of redirecting our focus from negative course of things, to positive one.

That is why we should practice showing gratitude daily by directly saying it, meditation, writing, counting of all what we can grateful for, from the small things to the most valuable ones. We can do that at night before we go to sleep, because we celebrate the day with movement, and full of trust towards new day and new gifts.

This way we attract in our lives beautiful things and wright persons that will make our lives better. So be thankful for happiness, celebrate beauties of life, reminding yourself constantly that we should be thankful for everything to Gratitude!

I am reality! I am love! I am Absolut! Thank God for everything I have and for everything I don’t have!

Your Academy <3