Luxury yachtanchored in small fisherman village. Owner of the yacht was delighted by the fish quality and asked fisherman how long it takes them to catch such a good fish.

  • “It doesn’t take too long” – answered fisherman
  • “And why don’t you stay longer at sea and catch even more?”

They answered that the amount they catch is enough for them and their families.

  • “And what do you do with so much free time?”
  • “We sleep, catch fish, play with our children and we spend our afternoons with our wives. At night, we go out to pub, meet our friends, drink couple of drinks and sing few songs. Our life is fulfilled!”

Yacht owner suggested: “I’ve graduated economics on Harvard and I can help you: catch fish longer every day, sell it and with that money by a bigger boat.”

  • “And then what?”
  • “With bigger boat, you will catch bigger fish, and with that money you can by one more boat, and then one more and then entire fleet. Instead of selling the fish to middleman, you can negotiate directly with big producers; you can become one of them yourself. Then you can move out of this village to a big city! From the city, you can run your big new business!”
  • “How much time would it take?”
  • “Twenty to twenty-five years.”
  • “And then what?”
  • “Then? Well friends, now it gets interesting. When your business become stable, you can start with selling and buying of shares and earn millions!”
  • “Millions? Really? And then what?”
  • “Then you can go to retirement, live in a small village on the coast, sleep long, go fishing, play with grandsons, spend afternoons with wife, and nights with friends, having drinks and singing songs.”
  • “Congratulations sir, but that’s what we do now. Why would we waste twenty-five years?” – the fisherman asked.

Message: In life, you have to know where you are going, because you might already be there!