Let go a glass!

One a professor started a school class by picking up a glass full of water. He elevated her up s everybody could see it. “What do you think, how heavy this glass is?” Students started guessing: “50gr…100gr…125gr”. Professor replied: “True is that actually I do not now either. And until we measure it, we can’t be sure”, and continued: “But I wanted to ask you something else…”.

  • What will happen if I keep this raised a glass, say, a few minutes? – professor asked
  • Nothing! – students replied
  • And what will happen if I keep this raised glass whole hour? – asked professor again
  • Your hand will heart – quickly replied one student.
  • And now, what would happen if I keep it for whole day?
  • Your hand will hurt so much, your muscles might stiffen and even your hand could paralyze. And most probably you will have to go see your doctor urgently.
  • Very well – continued professor calmly. – And what do you think will the weight glasses change?
  • No! – replied all together
  • Well what is then the cause of the pain in the hand and muscles stiffing?

Student were confused, situation looked like a riddle and they all started to look for an answer.

  • What should I do to free myself from the pain and burden in this situation? – Professor continued.
  • LET GO OF THE GLASS! – Someone shouted.
  • Yeees, that’s it. That is the answer. I will let go of the glass! – Professor was thrilled. – Same thing happens with the problems in your life and with your heavy thoughts. Think about them for a few minutes is normal, and there is nothing wrong with it. But if you keep them on your mind for longer, you will experience PAIN. If you do it too long – you will feel paralyzed, and you will not be able to do anything else.

It is very important to think about certain events or experiences in your life and draw conclusions from them, but it is even more important to know how to free your mind from those problems at the end of each day, come into peace with yourself and fall asleep without bad thoughts.

Regardless of the nature of the situation, let the glass go at the end of each day!