Law of karma or a law of acting, balance, causes and results, action and reaction can be described with one of proverb: “as you sow, so shall you reap”. It can be explained with third Newton’s law that says that every activity creates a force of energy that comes back to us in same or similar shape. If we want to create a happiness in our lives, we have to learn how to sow a Seed of Happiness.

Because of it, karma includes action of CONSCIOUS choice.

Everything that happens in this moment is a result of the decisions we had in past, wheatear we like it or not.

In every moment of our life we find ourselves in a field of all opportunities (first law), where there are limitless of choices. Some of the choices we make consciously and the others unconsciously. Unconscious choices don’t protect us from karma, and therefore we are successful and happy as many we make conscious choices during life.

I will try to explain this on example: Someone offend us and we choose to feel challenged.  But we could choose not to feel like it. First choice is conditioned reflex and ends with predictable pattern of behavior – someone insults me, I insult back, then he insults me again… and at the end I make an enemy from a friend. Second choice is decision not to be insulted, because conscious choice will give us power and force. When we feel powerful, we attract power.

If you want to choose consciously, with every uncomfortable situation, stop and remember that your decision, whatever it is, will yield some consequences. Ask yourself:

  • What are the consequences of my decision?
  • Will this choice bring happiness to me and the people around me?

Answer to these questions you will find in your body. Mechanism that will help you to make right choices refers to feelings in your body. With conscious choices, observe your body, and ask it: “If I choose this, what will happen?” If body sends you a message of good feeling, the choice is right. If body sends discomfort, choice is not good enough, it is bad for you. Comfort and discomfort are felt mostly in solar plexus (third chakra, above stomach) or in heart, but as well it can be any other body part.

What is with past karma and how it affects us? We have 3 possibilities:

  1. Repay our karmic debts unconsciously and much suffering. Law of karma sys that every debt will be repaid sooner or later, because there is perfect accounting in universe that can’t miss anything.
  2. You can reshape repayment of sour karmic debt with more pleasant experience. You do this by asking yourself what can you learn from what is happening to you, and how can you use this experience for wellbeing of others.

In order to make it easier to you, following are methods of easing karmic debt repayment:

  • Forgiveness – to everyone who brings us pain or suffering
  • Supporting the person who brings us pain or suffering
  • Doing good to other people, see good in them
  • Observing ourselves and listening of your personal spiritual, mental and physical needs
  • Spiritual serving
  • Faith in God.
  1. Karma can be transcendental, you can be independent of it. This means to keep to keep sense of spirituality, and is achieved by regular meditation. Very few people are brave enough for it, because it requires huge dedication and faith.

Karmic bill can be positive (good life), negative (unpleasant life) and neutral (sublime human beings), we create karmic bill by:

  • Mind – negative karmic bill means that we have nurture negative thoughts about ourselves (we can’t think positive about others if we think negative about ourselves), and negative thoughts steel our energy. With our restless mind we have created a negative karmic account, and we get born in next life with mental diseases or we can’t find peace, satisfaction, joy and clarity of mind. Revise your thoughts and whether we have influence on them or are we allowing them to wonder without control.
  • Body –negative karmic account is created if we neglect needs of our body or we force it and make it ill. So let’s ask ourselves what kind of food do we eat, how much we exercise, do we clean our body, are we taking drugs or do we smoke, or do we have any kind of addiction? Natural state is health, and every disease suggests that we have broken spiritual law and its balance.
  • Relationships – relationships with other people can lead us to most beautiful moments in our life, but also can cause slavery and suffering. It’s not the coincidence the family we are born in. dysfunctional families, suffering and slavery in relations suggest what was our karmic fuel in the past.
  • Money and material possessions – negative material karma emerges in cases when the money is the purpose of our life and if were seeking it from others, because we thought we can’t earn it ourselves. Ask yourself what is your current material karma and from this moment start changing it through changing your relation towards money and material.
  • Time – if we never have enough time, if we are constantly late, feel like in chaos, then we put, on our karmic account, disrespect towards us and others. It is the result of promises:
    • I will do it now (when I remember how many times I told it to my mom)
    • I’ll do it tomorrow
    • Maybe

I’m currently facing my karmic account of time, and have awakened it with the law of taking and giving.

We can’t bring back time, the only moment we have is now. This moment we repay our karma and decide the way how to do it, and it influence our future. We create this account ourselves and only we can repay it.

For next seven days try to apply in practice law of karma by:

  1. In every moment make conscious decisions by being completely aware of current moment
  2. While deciding on action, ask yourself:
    1. What are consequences of my choice?
    2. Will this choice bring happiness and fulfillment to me and people around me affected by its action?
  3. Let your heart manage feelings of comfort and discomfort.

Very important thing is to remember that we all make mistakes, some more some less, and not to blame ourselves if, even being aware of the situation, we give up and make a mistake. We did the best way we know and we can always fix errors, we are not in a hurry. Entire time is given to us by Creator, to learn and gain new experiences (that is why we are here and why we are perfect the way we are).

If your karmic balance is negative, and you need a change so your actions in the future would bring you positive balance, you can choose to make a change NOW or in next 3 days, whether you do it alone, or with the help of karmic diagnostictherapist.

Your Academy <3