Today, more than ever before, we face Insomnia. We are witnesses that there is a huge number of people suffering from insomnia. And because of it, the consumption of sleep pills is equally huge.

We all know how sleep is important and that is as instinctive human need same as the need for food and sex. We know that when we don’t sleep well we feel fatigue and irritability, we have a lack of focus for executing simple tasks, and the only thing we think about is SLEEP.

But, do we all know how to sleep? Today it is a philosophy and skill, and need that should be more talked about. We do not sleep well for many reasons: we do not have good pillow or comfortable bed; the room is too hot or too cold; there is noise, or piled up problems during the day, and fears. Everyone who has sleeping problems should ask himself what is the reason for the sleeping disorder, and work on it. Because sleep is equally important to us, like reality, lack of it can cause serious diseases.

Sleep is a weird thing. We all sleep without no need to learn how to do it. We sleep for one third of our lives. And jet in a world of dreams many of us see incoming danger. And we do not take dreams seriously, and we often say: “It was just a dream”. We don’t realize the importance of thing we experience in our dreams even though we experience dream with same emotions and intensity as reality. Where does this comes from?

Why do we believe that our life during the day is more real than the one in our dreams? You can easily turn things around and use mind game and think that dream is a real life that goes on and is interrupted by the phases of awake state that corresponds our reality. Both consciences, awake conscience and dream conscience, compensate each other and none of them is less important than the other one. Day corresponds to awake conscience, life, activity; and night corresponds to unconsciousness, darkness, stillness and death.

Every falling asleep is a small death for us. This way we prepare yourself for death. There is no control and negligence in sleep, and all activities are still. Sleep requires letting go to unknown. Trust. Letting go. Sleep can’t be extortion. And when we try, we are disabling it to come. What we can do is to create conditions and to wait it to be consumed by it, because even observation is forbidden – it would also disable our falling asleep.

All that sleep and death are by themselves, does not count into strengths of humanity. Man has always feared death because he attaches himself for people, possessions, pride, activities, work, intellect, during life… he obeys control. This is why letting go, surrender and trust are not that close to us, it is not our lifestyle. Therefore, death is most scaring thing to us, and it bothers us. Therefore, insomnia as disease of modern world stays trapped in our world.

But still, we yearn for sleep and feel its internal importance for our normal functioning and activity. Sleep is the one that guide us to the unknown parts of our soul daily, and he enable us to live through what we usually could not live through, and therefore, brings us into balance.

Today man makes no pause between day and night, and he transfers his problems into dream. This way we transfer day into night, and we try to analyze night conscience and night soul by day methods.

Sleep problems can be divided into two groups:

  1. Insomnia caused by inability to let go
  2. Excessive sleepiness

People that are in first group are those that are missing trust and that can’t let go to unknown that easily. Those are people that like to keep everything under control. They must work on making peace with the other side of conscience which will bring them real rest and sleep.

Second group are those that are having problems with their activities during the day, that are afraid of taking responsibility for their obligations and life. They are finding it extremely hard to wake up and they should think about these daily activities that are required from them but cause them fear. This person runs into world of dreams, in unconsciousness of childhood, and attempts to avoid any kind of responsibility. In these cases, the issue is running to unconsciousness.

And awakening is a small birth. Birth and getting to conscience can be equally hard as sleep and death. Problem is sidedness. When we accept both sides we will be able to enjoy in both realities without fear. Then we will be healthier, physically and mentally.

If you are facing these states, ask yourself following questions:

  1. How dependent am I on control and intellect?
  2. Can I relax and let go?
  3. Do I take good care about night side of soul?
  4. How much am I afraid of death?
  5. Am I running away from responsibility, and when?

What are your experiences with dreams and sleep?

Your Academy <3