Our life begins and ends with a breath. When born, with first breath and first cry we inhale new life completely alone, independent of mother. With last breath goes our life energy. Therefore, we can say that breathing is the most important life process of human body. Modern man simply doesn’t know to breathy correctly, he uses only 30 – 40% of lungs capacity. Remember snorkeling, they can stay underwater for few minutes without air, and how long can you withstand? Due to insufficient use of lungs, and bad oxygen flow through our cells, many diseases emerge, as well as energy loss.

Amount of oxygen in blood is directly responsible for the state of our organism. If there isn’t enough oxygen, body preserves it for vital organs – heart and brain, and withholds it to other, less important, organs like kidneys, liver, etc. As a result of longer lack of oxygen in organism, different diseases can occur.

Aware breathing

We don’t really think about breathing. If we would pay attention, we would see that we breath deeper and slower when we are relaxed, and faster when we are excited. Try to aware your breathing. During daily and usual activities, or while resting, pay attention to your breath. You will see how turning awareness inside makes breath more relaxed and deeper. Try to identify whether your stomach is moving while you breath, or are your chests moving. Ideally, it is a combination of two, using entire capacity of lungs. Regular awaking of your breathing, and practice, can lead you to creating a habit of proper breathing. Proper breathing is a sort of meditation, and its regular practice is a meditation and a way of bringing your body in energy balance. It takes just 15 minutes of deep breathing that will make your organism happy, and your bloodstream richer with oxygen.

With different and regular breathing exercises, optimal function of endocrine system, nervous system, digestive system, as well as psycho-physical stability is enabled. Breathing exercises enables you to, on completely natural way, achieve deep relax and release tension in body and mind.

Remember – it takes only 15 minutes per day.

Simple breathing exercises

There are many breathing techniques, of which the easiest one you can master yourself, to complex ones that requires yoga class or some other techniques.

The simplest one is technique of complete deep breathing. This technique is executed in standing position. You inhale deep with whole stomach, middle part of chest, and the upper chests. The exercise is practices relaxed and without stress.

This is how it’s done: while inhaling, the stomach is slowly moved forward, and when exhaling he is brought back to spine. You inhale slowly until the lungs are full. Before exhale, you can keep breath for a second and then start exhaling. You can exhale without a pause too. Do it as it feels right. This breathing massages inner organs, initiates better digestion, regulates kidney functions, relaxes us and lowers blood pressure. Inhaling larger amount of air, during this exercise, our body gets much bigger amounts of oxygen, and more energy.

Doing this practice in nature, under the tree or by the water, is particularly beneficial for our vitality and energy. On these places, air is charged with negative ions, that affect human organism positively. Systematic researches suggest that ions in air (concentration ~ 103-104 cm-3) essentially influence our behavioral effects (freshness/ tiredness, relaxation/anxiety), and in long-term period it affects overall health. Researches also suggest that negative aero ions act anabolic (causing relaxation, and improve health), while positive aero ions act catabolic (causing tiredness and in long term causing illness).

It turned out that the household appliances, personal computers, air conditioners and industrial machines generate an excess of positive ions, which leads to rapid fatigue of people in their vicinity. For better blood circulation in the tissue, if you are unable to perform breathing in nature, it is good to use a miniature ionizer (generator of negative ions), which in its vicinity raise the concentration of negative ions in the air up to 105 cm-3, establishing a microclimate as it naturally occurs near rivers and waterfalls, forests and mountains, after heavy thunderstorms and heavy downpours. Such a microclimate bioengineering has a beneficial effect on raising the level of human health. At this link, you can see one of the better such devices://www.kupindo.com/Kucni-aparati/13901237_Jonizator

Therefore, breathing to the fullest in natural environment, or in environment that uses ionizers, acts on release of hormone of happiness and awakes our feeling of connection to ourselves, and as a natural result, our entire organism has much more energy.

Just 15 minutes per day, and you will breath in new life energy!

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