You can often hear – I go to churches, sorcerers, healers – nothing helps! Illness stays as it was! And now I do not trust no one and nothing! Is it possible to help a man in such condition? What can you tell me?

  • It seems to me that hospital and church should not be mixed. Divine we meet through love, where love gives, divide us from attachments, anger, sadness. And when a man goes to church to get health, stabilize his life and make his destiny better, then it means that he treats the church in role of customer.

The man who wants just to receive and won’t give back is incurable. The one who takes – is an addict. The one who is an addict – is angry. The one who is angry – suffers. There is simple knowledge given to humans by Jesu Christ. And there are our primitive, consumer worldviews, that tend to adapt the Christianity to their own needs. In medieval times in catholic church, there were indulgences. It was buying of forgiveness for future sins, with money. It was twisting the essence of Christianity.

There is truth, and there is twisted understanding of it. Christ cured because he could wake love in humans. Without love, there will be no forgiveness and redemption of sins. Faith helps love, by liberation of fears, doubts and critics. Aspiration to getting everything from God, without any personal effort – is victory of humanity over divine. If such tendency is supported by minister of cult, then religion dies in its essence, maintaining its form for a while.

Such wrong interpretation of Christianity was amplified by teachings of communism – “from everyone based on his capabilities, to everyone based on his needs”. Specifics of the situation is in majority, needs are much bigger than their capabilities, much bigger than their willingness to work, manufacture and give. Because of that, many people found the idea of communism so sweet, but its consequences were equally terrific. From the childhood, I was hearing that Soviet Union medicine was completely free, and then I’ve learned that it was a lie. Simply, man paid all services indirectly, through state budget, from which the biggest part was stolen. But such communist ideas like unity, moral society, childcare and culture, will inevitably be implemented. I think that they were not communist idea per se, but rather manifestations of general aspiration towards love and unity.

Given the underdevelopment of the forms, methods of achieving the goal were horrific. Honest and happy society is a healthy society. And a health of each man – in first line his mental health filled with love. This means, if we want to build a bright future, first we have to think what kind of people it will consist of. How to achieve healthy soul in a man? How to change for better? If man doesn’t want to change, but wants to be healthy and enjoy prosperity, he can go to churches as much as he likes, and visit healers… until he understands one thing: if he doesn’t help himself, his soul, no one will help him. And the best and most efficient help in that, will be illness, accidents, that will push him towards the truth.