You might think that your energy is only in your body and mind, but she spreads to objects that you use daily and that you love. For example, your diary, wallet, jewelry, clothe, bags, photos, paper with your handwriting, etc. are all objects that your energy frequency spreads on. For example, when a car comes too close to you, you feel like being attacked and have feeling of discomfort in your belly, because the existence of the car to near you disrupts your energy. It is the same thing with burglars – it is the same feeling like if someone was breaking directly into your energy. It is no surprise that you feel nausea or shock when someone breaks into your home – as if there were acts of violence on your whole system – and it was.

When you move your things into new house, you feel that this new house is yours. You feel more comfortable in a house that becomes extension of your energy. You will create same energy wherever you live, because, regardless of location, size of the house or style, your home will always be an extension of you. Same thing applies on other places, not just your house.

Seek and you will find

You might not now that you can still be connected with some object you have lost. You should never nullify your relationship with that object. When you do that, that object stops belonging to you and there is small probability that it will come back to you. Therefore, instead of panic and frustration, you should choose relax and composure knowing that this object will find its way back to you.

Here is an example. One lady went to a meeting, when her daughter called he in panic telling that someone has broken into her car and stole almost everything including shoos that were gift for her daughter – her first shoes! She did not care much about anything but the baby shoes. The lady could not stop thinking about those shoes and her daughter could not stop stressing around. Tomorrow, the lady was called by her daughter again. This time she sounded happy. Someone knocked on her door and brought bunch of things throne away by the road, and amongst those things there were baby shoes. She almost did not got back anything else from the car but those shoes, because they were so important!

This example shows that mother and daughter kept their energetic connection with baby shoes. Simply they knew that they “must not” lose them. This example illustrates us that attitude “I can’t lose that” (you can also say it out loud), keeps connection with lost object and helps him get back to you.

Next example shows how laugh can keep energetic connection with lost objects. Two best friends were in vacation together and had great fun. Even on airport they were uproariously laughing. When they got out of the bus, one of them figured out that her bag was missing. Instead of thinking that she had lost her bag, they both started laughing again. Later on a friend, they both went out night before, recognized the bag he found on a sidewalk and called her by phone to inform her about his discovery. What happened? The girl did not annulled the energetic connection with the lost bag. The bag was till her energetic extension and so that from all the people in that place, friend was attracted to the bag, and the energy.

Laugh that helps you keep calm in such situations is great way of staying connected with lost objects. Obviously, you should take steps that will lead you to what you are looking for, but keeping your energy extension you will probably attract kind person ready to help you bring back your lost item. Here is one more example how even money comes back if you lose it. Two years ago, at six in the morning, still dreamy, Vesna Pavlov from Bor was going to work, and could to imagine that almost a step from the house will trip over a plastic bag with almost a three thousand euros in it. Vesna says that at no time has hesitated what to do with money, and only thing she was worried about was to get to work on time. It took just few hours for local police to find the owner of the money, Mister RadeTodorović, entrepreneur from Bor, and first, although new, neighbor of Vesna. Rade stated that he had lost daily earnings because he was in a hurry to get to his daughter. When he was informed by the police that his money was found, first thing he wanted to do is to meet Vesna. And while she was describing the details of the event to journalists and the money owner, Vesna was wondering why is she in the focus when she did, as she said, just a normal thing.

Money owner believed that the daily earnings of his store will be found and doing that he remained energetically connected to the money. Money was found by his neighbor and was returned to the owner.

In those examples you have seen how important it is for a person to stay connected to the lost object and not to cancel the energy. Equally important is the role of the person who finds the lost item. “Discoverers” are the people who find lost or misplaced items and have natural responsibility to take the items that are “still alive” and connected to the energy of their owners.

All of this remembers us to the quite from the Bible: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Here is a specific guide and steps how to find something you have lost:

  • Relax and stay calm
  • Do not analyze what you are doing
  • Focus on the fact that you need the ting you have lost
  • Say to yourself: I can’t lose that. I really need it, I can’t do without it.
  • Go where your body takes you and do not question your instincts
  • Look around, move the things you would not normally move

This is way you will find what you are looking for. Remember, it is still an extension of your energy, and when you are calm, confident about return of the lost item, connection with the lost object will be maintained.