How to find the way that will give you strength and that will be good for you personally and the world that surrounds you? At the end, how to determine which job will bring you resources for life?

We will consider couple of options.

 If you still don’t know what to do in life

In ancient times, wise man and parents have helped kids to understand what is their Path and to choose what to do in life. They would put four object in front of a kid: holly books, weapons, money, tools. Then they observed what would the kid choose, because, most probably, that will be his life’s calling.

Also, they carefully tracked his behavior in different situations, his character, life priorities. They tried to make him develop love for work, behavior, honesty, respect for elderly and other virtues. Parents knew whom to trust with their ten-year-old child: wise man, warrior, merchant or craftsman. Matter of self-realization was not left to coincidence.

In our time, parents also take care of their children, but many of them decide about the school and profession that will bring most money to the kid. It is great if they make a god estimation. But what happens when they don’t?

In that case, ask yourself a question:

  • What is the profession that will enable me to gain biggest benefits for people and society?
  • What I like to do?
  • Which profession will enable me to develop myself in spiritual and professional way?

Rarely anyone asks himself this questions. But they help one to identify what is he predestined for. Answers to this questions do not always come right away. The thing is, that understanding the role of a man in this world is some kind of award. The man gets it as award for his good actions.

How this divine grace can be earned? Looks like

… preference for favorite profession emerges spontaneously when the person begins to fulfill his duties.

It is duty towards family, elderly, younger, towards people in general. It is necessary to fulfill with love, joy and peace what is desired and where it is desired. Then heart starts to pen itself and talents appear. We need to develop inside us a tendency for service.

One such example was described by worldwide famous psychiatrist and psychologist Milton H. Erickson. He had a young man, Mexican, as a patient who asked him: “Doctor can you help me?”

“And what led you to me?”

“Well the thing is that I have recently come to America and I can’t find a job.”

“Then, young man, you have come to wrong address”, Ericson said. “I am a psychiatrist, I help people to resolve their mental problems and I don’t have a job for you.”

“But I know that you are a very wise man and you can give me advice how to find a job for my soul.”

“Ok”, Erikson replied, “answer me this question. What do you like to do? What do you do good?”

“I like to prepare food”, the man answered. “I love that job and I love to feed people. I like to watch how they eat my food with pleasure. I tend to pure my soul when preparing the food.”

“Great”, Erikson said. “Choose, here in the city, one restaurant in which you would like to work. Go see its manager and ask him to let you wash tables and plates for food and accommodation as compensation. Then do your job advisedly. In your free time help waiter and chef. Actually, try to help everyone in the restaurant. Become a soul of the group. In three months come to see me again, and I will tell you what to do next.”

In three months, man came to see Erikson again.

“Tell me how you feel”, said Erikson.

“I work for one of the biggest restaurants in the city. I like it very much. And I did everything you told me to. I asked them to let me help for food and accommodation. Manager was happy and said the there will always be a plate of soup for me, and that I could sleep in utility room.

From the morning till the evening, I did my best with plates and tables. Nobody could mind me anything. Everything was perfectly clear. In my free time, I helped waiter and chef. They also were satisfied with my work. Chef also told me that he would be happy to have such assistant. I was so good with my job that manager started giving me money.”

“Wonderful”, said Erikson. “Tomorrow go to manager and tell him that you want to quit the job, thank him for everything and tell him that you were offered a waiter job and a payment. And then, come see me to tell me what happened.”

In three days, man came to see Erikson, excited and happy.

“You know, when I left last time, it took me time to understand your task. I did everything as you advised. When I informed manager about my decision, he immediately offer me a waiter job and a bit higher pay. So, now I have a job and I am very thankful. What should I do next?”

“Now”, Erikson started, “do equally good for next three month, and then go see manager and tell him that you have decided to go to another restaurant where you were offered to work as chef assistant.”

After three months’ man came again to see doctor.

“How are things going?”, asked Erikson.

“When I told my decision to manager, he was very upset and went to talk to chef. After that conversation, he said: ‘Hose, we all love you and do not want you to leave us. I talked to chef and he is happy to have you as an assistant. That’s why I offer you to stay and I am willing to pay more than the offer you have now’. I was happy to accept that.” Two years after that, when the owner opened another restaurant, young man become chef. Three years after that, he become manager, and in ten years, he had his own restaurant.

Conclusion: Seek in life worthy people that you can serve and offer them your help!

And now do one simple exercise.

Imagine that you have enough money. What would you really like to do in your life? What are you interested in? In what direction would you like to progress and develop yourself?

If every man on earth would be a millionaire, that wouldn’t practically change anything. People would still have to sow wheat, trade, organize, learn and etc. Otherwise, we all would die from starvation. Dividing people in social classes is imaginary problem. There are people that like to work for the better of society. And there are those who like to enjoy life on someone else’s account.