Yes, law on attraction works, even physics proved that. But, it is a fact that sometimes we do not attract what we really want. Why? Humans are not aware how important to respect universal (God’s) intelligence in everything, and that when they have a desire or a need, they should pray for this need to be satisfied the best way. Egoistic tendency to achieve what we think we need I just a product of our ego. Often, we do not attract what we want because we didn’t ask for it the right way, and we are not specific enough with our requirements, something we assume some neglect.

I am sure that you have heard of many such true stories: we want to attract journey to some exotic destination. We did everything, and the moment arrived when we hurry to airport to catch an airplane that leaves at 14:00 to take us to our dream land. Suddenly, unexpected things start to happen, complete traffic collapse, and our chance to catch a plain are equal to zero. We are out of our mind, running to airport and see our plane lives the airport. We go home disappointed… Few hours later we see the news that the plain crashed into the ocean, and all passengers and crew staff are dead. What we do then? We thank to God that we weren’t on that plane after all. In just few hours our concourse of God has completely different dimension – at one moment he forgot about us and let us go, and in the next one we are so grateful to him.

We are not aware how important it is to pray for thing to happen the best way for us. Egoistic aspiration for fulfillment of what we want we need is just a product ow lower intelligence (ego) and shouldn’t be insisted on, because often it happens that fulfillment of our desire didn’t bring us much good.

Also, if we don’t get what we want, we should still be grateful to God as if get it. Because, answer in form of unfulfilled desire is a message from the level of higher intelligence – or the thing we wanted is not for us, or we are not open enough to have it. If we show gratitude, despite everything, and neutralized our dissatisfaction, remained happy and calm, then we have showed that we are big enough and that we can be given this God’s gift. We should know that negative feelings and doubt about higher intelligence are distancing us from our goal.

Often people ask themselves why can’t they visualize certain situation for them. There is no much wisdom, it is because they don’t let the light inside, they don’t allow themselves to open enough towards outer world. We must know that we are not self-sufficient and that we can’t act independent for the rest of universe. Modern physics proved that there is no gap in the universe and that the space around us is not empty, but represents informational field that consists of all knowledge there is.

Greg Braiden called that field Divine matrix in which thing are materialized according to specific laws, and that the feeling from our heart is what creates our reality. He claims that heart has 100 times stronger magnetic field than brain, and that through this field and emotions that it transmits, we communicate with divine matrix.

Same as this, visualization is not realized on mental level, but rather n the level of feelings. Only when we are able to completely enter into one feeling, we don’t have problem to create any picture we want on mental screen. For example, when we are able to create feeling of satisfaction that we have when we are on the beach, we don’t have problem to visualize the picture and see ourselves lying on the sand, see palm trees, sunshades, etc. We are able to move completely into that picture only when we are in it with emotion. Without that, everything remains of the level of imagination, and just a cold, lifeless picture on mental screen.

When we don’t allow light to enter our heart and mix with us and in us, we are in state of distrust, we believe only to some of our egoistic forces that keep us apart from divine matrix that consists of everything we need.

Znam sta zelim