Fear is an emotion that we all experience. Each emotion is our specific relation towards ourselves, specific objects and phenomena, or towards other people. Emotions emerge when something is important to us. Emotions affirm or threaten our personality, and their most important role is action, reaction to emotion.

We feel fear always when we think that what we are doing can cause us pain or injustice – physical, emotional, business, financial, etc. It is what protects us from dangerous situations, people, things… Therefore, fear is the only inborn emotion of a man, that appears as a reaction to situations classified as dangerous. Feeling of fear is in most cases useful, because it alerts us to dangers and activates organism for reaction.

But sometimes, fear can stop you to do big things. For example, fear of failure or money loss often stops people to become entrepreneurs and start a business.

If you look what keeps people by the side, what stops them to widen their views and deepen and increase the quality of their lives, what stops them to take actions necessary for them to transform their body, relationships, career, job – it is always fear of failure, of cusses, of rejection, from pain, form unknown, from…

Some fears might not be so determined by the situation we are afraid of, but by the feeling that we will not dare or will not know to defend us. If you were punished as kid and intimidated when you confronted to something, or sincerely sad what you wanted; you might have developed fear from conflict situations. This kind of fear can later evolve to general fear from the contact with people, because there are conflicts, misunderstandings, disagreements in relationships with people.

In situations with other people, we can be afraid of rejection and unacceptable reaction. Some people, depending on experience, can be so afraid of analyzing their emotions to the extend where they develop the fear of emotion, that creates deep internal fight manifested as pressure, unacceptance of self, creation of belief of not being good enough, different anxieties… All of this is a consequence of punishment and controllable behavior of our parents.

When we overcome our fears, in our personal and professional lives, we have more confidence, we are more efficient and more successful in what we do. Everyone can start his day with killer training, can find the way to pass an exam or to learn a craft, can find a meaning in his work or have passionate love relationship. The secret is in ability to OVERCOME fear and eliminate limiting beliefs that for everyone it is possible to create and live the life he wants.

Therapists of Well Being academy can help you to overcome your fears that block your success in any life segment.

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Types of fears

Agyrophobia– of streets and intersections

Agraphobia – of sexual abuse

Agrizophobia – wild animals

Algophobia – of pain

Allodoxaphobia – of thinking

Agoraphobia – of open space

Aerophobia – of flying

Aquaphobia – of water

Acrophobia – of heights

Ailurophobia – of cats

Amaxophobia – of cars, ride

Ambulophobia- of walking

Androphobia – of man

Ancraophobia – of wind

Anthophobia – of flowers

Anthropophobia – of people

Arachnophobia – of spiders

Aritmophobia – of numbers

Astraphobia – of thunder

Ophidiophobia – of snakes

Aurophobia – of gold

Autophobia – of ourselves

Monophobia – of loneliness

Basiphobia – of fall

Batrachophobia – of frogs

Belonephobia – of needles

Bibliophobia – of books

Brontophobia – of thunder

Gamophobia – of marriage

Geliophobia – of laughter

Glossophobia – of public speaking

Gynophobia – of women

Dementophobia – of insanity

Dendrophobia – of trees

Dentophobia – of dentist

Dikephobia – of justice

Dipsophobia – of drinking

Dystychiphobia – of accidents

Doraphobia – of fur

Eisoptrophobia – of mirrors

Eleutherophobia – of freedom

Ecclesiophobia – of church

Emetophobia – of vomiting

Entomophobia – of insects

Ergasiophobia – of work

Zelophobia – of jealousy

Zoophobia – of animals

Zeusophobia -of God

Illyngophobia – of vertigo

Ihtiophobia – of fish

Iatrophobia – of doctors

Cancerophobia – of cancer

Carnophobia – of meat

Catoptrophobia – of mirrors

Claustrophobia – of confined spaces

Kenophobia – of empty spaces

Cynophobia – of dogs

Kirophobia – of handshake

Coimetrophobia – of cemeteries

Limnophobia – of lakes

Linonophobia – of stings

Ligyrophobia – of loud noises

Lalophobia – of speaking

Lockiophobia – of childbirth

Mastigophobia – of punishment

Melanophobia – of black color

Melissophobia – of bees

Menophobia – of menstruation

Misophobia – of dirt and germs

Musophobia – of mice

Nosophobia – of becoming ill

Nyctohylophobia – of dark

Numerophobia – of numbers

Oneirophobia – of dreams

Ornithophobia – of birds

Ophidiophobia – of snakes

Olfactophobia – of smells

Ombrophobia – of rain

Orthophobia – of property

Ochlophobia – of crowds

Parthenophobia – of young girls

Peccatophobia – of sinning

Pedophobia – of children

Pediophobia – of dolls

Pagophobia – of ice

Panophobia – of everything

Pyrophobia – of fire

Plutophobia – of wealth

Cyberphobia – of computers

Siderodromophobia – of trains

Scolionophobia – of school

Social Phobia – of society

Sophophobia – of learning

Sitophobia – of food

Taphephobia – of being buried alive

Tachophobia – of speed

Thanatophobia – of death

Quadraphobia – of number 4

Tocophobia – of pregnancy

Trichopathophobia – of hair

Triskaidekaphobia – of number 13

Trypanophobia – of injections

Uranophobia – of Heaven

Phobophobia – of phobia

Photophobia – of lights

Phasmophobia – of ghosts

Phagophobia – of swallowing

Philophobia – of falling in love

Frigophobia – of cold

Hagiophobia – of saints

Hadephobia – of hell

Haphephobia – of being touched

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – of number 666

Hemophobia – of blood

Herpetophobia – of reptiles

Heterophobia – opposite sex

Hippophobia – of horses

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – of long words

Hodophobia – of travel

Homichlophobia- of fog

Hoplophobia – of firearms

Chrometophobia – of money

Xenophobia – of strangers

Homophobia – of homosexuals