One day, university professor decided to start a discussion with his students. He asked:” Did God create everything that exists?”

Students replied in one voice that he did…

“Everything?”, asked professor.

“Yes, everything.”, was the answer.

“In that case, he created evil too, right? Because evil exists.”, said professor.

Students were silent, not having answer to this question. Professor was thrilled because he demonstrated that the religion is just a myth.

Suddenly, one student raised his hand and asked:

“Professor, can I ask you something?”

“Sure”, answered professor.

“Is there a cold?”

“Of course, there is. Have you never been cold?”

“As a matter of fact, professor, cold doesn’t exist! According to what we learned from physics, cold is absence of heat. We can only observe does object have it and does he transfer energy and its heat to other objects. Without heat, objects are inert, do not react. Therefore, cold does not exist. We created term COLD to explain the absence of heat.”

“And darkness?”, student continued

“She also exists.”, professor said.

“You are wrong again, sir. Darkness is complete absence of light. We can study light and illumination, but not darkness. The prism of Nichols shows pallet of different colors to which the light breaks down depending on the wavelength. DARKNESS is term we created to explain complete absence of light.”

And finally, the student asked: “And evil professor, does evil exist?” professor was silent

Student continued: “God did not create evil! Evil is absence of God in human heart, it is absence of love, humanity and faith. Love and faith are as heat and light. They do exist. Their absence leads to evil.”

Professor was speechless.

The student’s name was Albert Einstein