Workshop ”The abundance of money”


n today’s era of great spiritual and energy changes, it is a moment for every person to realize its natural right on the abundance of each species, including abundance of money. At the workshop “The abundance of money” you will learn the basic principles of how to accept the money and look at it as a positive energy, on something that is in everyone’s life (at this level of development of human society) absolutely necessary. You will learn how to accept and to love the energy of money.

You will learn what is actually the money and how your attitude toward money affects your material and spiritual well-being. We invite you to together find a spiritual path to abundance.

You will learn how go to from a position “fighting for the money”, where you always lose energy and where we are all on the opposite sides, you get to position “master money game”, where we are all happy and satisfied, and where success is guaranteed for everyone. Build a responsible and successful host of your life.

Workshop “The abundance of money ”

Workshop “The abundance of money” is an introduction to the seminar “The abundance of money.” Workshop lasts 4 hours (10-14 hours) and is very practical and interactive.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • What is money and evolution of money
  • Why you is money important
  • The elimination of the blockade and the opening of the abundance of each species
  • 6 principles of success
  • How to attract money into your life


  • 4 hours (10-14 hours) and is very practical and interactive.

Energy exchange (comparison):

  • 30 EUR.

Each workshop participant receives:

  • workbook
  • CD


Boris Ilić
President of the Board, Board member, General Manager, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Financial director, HR Director, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Ericcsson Certified Coach, Master of Economic Science. More than 25 years on top management positions in multicultural, international and multi-billion companies, with more than 30,000 employees. Also, Boris is an entrepreneur for years, owner of several successful marketing and consulting companies. Actively doing business in in Europe and USA, and, most importantly – online entrepreneur for 15 years.
Aleksandra Plećković
CEO, Sales & Marketing Director, Personal Growth Therapist, Master of Economic Science. More than 10 years in OnLine marketing. Owner of OnLine Master PR & Marketing Agency. Worked with more than 350 micro, small, medium and big companies in Europe and USA.

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