What is coaching

How many times have you heard lately the sentence: “I don’t have time”, “I feel totally stuck with my responsibilities and have no energy”, “I am completely unorganized and therefore can’t manage to do all I need”, “I want to change my diet and finally start going to the gym, but I don’t have time”, “ I feel life is passing by me…”, “I work a lot but still missing results”, “I would like to change a job, but I do not know what is it that I want to do!”.

Seemingly, we are all ok and it seems that some higher powers have interfered or we think that we led such unfulfilled lives because we didn’t deserve more. We tend to feel sorry for ourselves and to hide in our mouse hole thinking that the problem will resolve itself, because we are not the worst and the God will give us all we want, one day. But, we do not think of the possibility that the God has already given us all we need, but we don’t use it, because of laziness, fear, insecurity, apathy, indifference or the lack of energy. He has given us fertile field that we do not use and take care of, that is now overgrown with darnel and slowly disappears and never will give us fruits. That is us – endless potential destroying itself.

Awakening and awareness of your endless potentials will make best thing for you. People sometimes need just a little bit of stimulus, support and motivation to live their life fully and fulfilled, and when that happenswe can reach our dreams.

Very often we are unable to move forward alone. But the best of all is that you are never alone, because, if you want it, the solution will appear, the person who is always there will help you, it is enough for you just to wish for it sincerely. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Who is a coach?

Coach is a person that will on whole new professional way with different, adjusted techniques help you bring back your life on right path. He will help you to regain your energy that was over the time wasted on people, things and situations that do not deserve it or does not do you any favour. Be yourself and special again, and do not let yourself waste another minute on bad emotions and wrong things. You will manage this only if you really want it.

Under the term coaching in general we think of a process which includes development of resources and capabilities of a client. Coach is leading and supporting his client in a path of the realization of its goals, desires and intentions. Coach enables his client to overcome personal barriers and limitations, bring them in the state of directed usage of their capabilities and supports them to realise their tasks (in family, companies) the best way they can.

Introduction of coaching technique offers valuable support and professional cooperation to individuals and tams on their process of realization of business goals, overcoming difficult situations and change.

According to international association of coaches, coaching is a partnership with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspire him to fully develop his personal and professional goals.

Coaching is a conversation directed toward identification solutions for the situations that client wants to overcome. From the coaching methodology point of view, it is irrelevant whether the task is overcoming bad scenario (problem solution), in upgrade and achievement of certain goal. Coaching helps us to give answers to a question: “If this that I am currently doing is not working, what will lead me to desired outcome?”… and is always directed toward future. In other words, coaching is directed toward solution, rather than to problem analysis (and not the identification of guilty ones).

Efficiently guided coaching process means that the process of change is divided into small, possible and achievable steps, and the solutions are very often hidden in finding the patterns of behaviour and thinking that enables client to free himself form the burden of the problem and starts the process of generating functional solutions.

Every coaching conversation is, therefore, learning process that enables us to overcome our individual limitations, reflected in statements such as “This is who I am and I cannot change.”

The only constant in life is change! Coach guides you through these changes!