How many times have you recently heard of coaching? You are not sure what is it, but you hear more of it every day…

Or, let me ask you next one. How many times have you heard lately: “I don’t have time!”, “I don’t have energy!”, “I am completely unorganized”, “Can’t manage everything!”, “I feel like life is passing by me…”, “I want to be successful like you…”, etc.

Now, before we move on, I just want to tell you that the most successful people in the world have their coaches, like for example Sir Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin company.

What is a coach, and what coachingis? Coach is a person that will, on completely new way with different, adjusted techniques, help you take your life into your own hands and go wherever you want to go. Coaching is a process that involves development of resources and abilities for the client, where coach guides and supports his client on his path of making dreams, wishes and intentions come true. Coaching enables client to overcome different obstacles and limitations, brings them in a state of targeted usage of talent, and supports them to fulfill their activities in best possible way.

Coaching is a conversation focused on finding the solution for the situation client wants to overcome. From coaching methodology point of standing, it is irrelevant is it overcoming bad play script (problem solving), progress, or achieving of one specific goal. Coaching helps us answer the question: “If this what I am doing is not working, what is it then that will lead me to desired outcome?” … and is always focused on future. In other words, coaching is focused towards solutions and not towards problem analysis (identification of culprit).

We think that there are three key reasons why will coach and coaching process make you happy:

  1. GOAL SETTING. Coach is there to help you define goals that will be clear, specific, measurable, timely limited and achievable. Also, coach provokes you to enter the goal setting process completely happy with the passion of a winner, in order for the goals you set to be important to you, so you can live to achieve them.
  2. GUIDANCE OF PROCESS OF CHANGE. Coach is the one that will ask right questions in right time, and you are the one that will provide the answer and act. Coach will always encourage you to take responsibility for the actions that will lead you to the goal. He believes you, controls whether you did, all you have planned and promised in timely manner. We help our clients to change the strategy and do everything needed to be donetoday, and to postpone giving up for tomorrow. This has huge impact on their results.
  3. SUPPORT AND STIMULUS. Coach will always provoke you, ask tricky questions, force you to think the way you never did before, motivate you, get you out of your comfort zone. In other words – he will force you forward towards meeting your goals. Coach will inspire you to develop your personal and professional potentials and meet your goals.

Nothing more, and nothing less.

Success is a result of what we do, and we do it ordinarily. We create habits that support our future success.

Is it clear to you now, how coach can help you?

If you still do not find it clear enough, contact us to organize demo coaching session so you can, on your personal example, learn what is it and how it can help you. Be who you are, be who you want to be.

Success is reachable to all of us. Sometimes you just need to change the way you do some things, and coach is there to help you and support you.

Your Academy <3