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Material progress requires entrepreneurship – John M. Templeton

Egyptian pyramids are considered to be one of the seven wonders of ancient world. It is known that Kheops pyramid has bigger surface than ten football fields! When one thinks about the tools that were used in ancient period, he asks himself how pyramids were built at all. How ancient civilizations managed to build such [...]

As you shine, you attract

Ones that are interested in popular psychology, have probably heard for personal growth and development law on attraction, right? Global popularity of book and the movie “The Secret” touched our hearts and minds too, few years ago. It didn’t take much time for this book to find its way to its readers and many started [...]

Neophodno piti 8 čaša vode dnevno – Mit ili istina?

Stalno se priča da treba da se piju ogromne količine vode i to je već postala jedna od mantri svih koji propagiraju zdrav način života i ishrane. A najčešća mantra je da treba da popijemo 8 čaša vode. Skoro svaki magazin, internet portal, facebook stranica koji se bave ovom temom ima svoju verziju ove mantre: [...]