Ones that are interested in popular psychology, have probably heard for personal growth and development law on attraction, right?

Global popularity of book and the movie “The Secret” touched our hearts and minds too, few years ago. It didn’t take much time for this book to find its way to its readers and many started living according to its rules in order to become healthy, rich, loved and successful above all. We are talking about widely spread phenomena that was accepted all around the world after the book and the movie were published. It also become the central topic of many conferences and other books. Many of the most appreciated authors and motivational speakers in America were included in this project (Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, etc.).

Abovementioned book and movie, “The Secret”, resulted based on the book of “Science of Getting Rich” (// from the authorWallace Wattles. It is cult book of “New Thought” order that emerged in end of 19th and beginning of 20th century, and represents one basis of New Age thought today. The source of the thinkers that led New Thought, such as William Walker Atkinson, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Wallace Delois Wattles, Elizabeth Towne is in Indian and Tibetanmagical mysticism that was first promoted on West by RussianoculistHelenaBlavatsky, and after that social activist, mystics and masonAnnie Besant (// in her “The Theosophical Society”. The point is: “Attract what you want by visualization of nice thoughts and persistentemotional and physical invocation of it, like you already have it”.

Long story short, the law of attraction means that like attracts like. We are like pulsating transmitter that continually transmits vibration that is present in us. What we transmit we receive back in a form of our experiences, and our vibration mostly depends on the thoughts that are mostly present in our minds. Secret of “The Secret” is universal principle that what you think about the most becomes your reality. If you are currently out of money, that is because you thought about it for last few years the way “I don’t have money again”… If you don’t live in a house you like, your thoughts are to be blamed (I can’t afford it)… If you live in unhappy marriage or unsatisfying relationship, it is because of your way of thinking…

This is simply the LAW! Same as gravitation law, om law, etc., this also works regardless whether we want it or not! If we consider most popular Law of attraction, the key on its implementation in practice is to bring yourself into state (and be more in it) in which we feel like we already have what we want.

But, this approach also often brings people into situation when they transmit two contradictory vibrations at the same time: the one that supports realization of what we want, and a vibration that rejects what we want – because on subconscious level we do not know that we do not have what we want.

According to law on attraction, we attract what we are (state caused by a sum of all our conscious and subconscious thoughts), and not just what we want and think that we think (thoughts that we are aware of).

Is there a secret in “The Secret” that you couldn’t find in “The Secret”?

So many things happened regarding the Law on attraction in past few years. The Secret inspired many, but also frustrated some people. Many recognized possibility of having a better life, but after a literal implementation of the lessons from the movie, asked themselves wasn’t it just another marketing story, because it is too good to be truth.

Good news is that – The Law on attraction is NOT A FARYTALE. The problem is that the information delivered to readers and audience was uncomplete. There is no program that can help everyone on this planet, in order for them to make changes in their lives. Simply, everyone starts from different position, and everyone has his own filters – believes and identity that makes the difference between our paths to our goals, which is completely understandable. Sometimes it is enough just for right things to happen in right time and the change is there, either on spiritual, physical or financial level. The secret is not to stress and exaggerate in anything, and the most important thing is to feel comfortable in our skin and in situations we are in.

There are three main secrets in “The Secret”:

The secret of “The Secret” 1. BE HERE AND NOW – This is the most important one – to live with 100% energy today, and not in a past (oh, it was so …) or in the future (when I grow up). It is the most valuable tool that leads us to our internal awakening, to our internal strength we all have. We all have unique and powerful set of talents that we can use successfully. When we live in present then we create possibility for the things that have never happened before, to happen.

Our relations become better and more clear, we see possibility and have the feeling of peace – and for free! The more we exercise this capability of living in present, we become more capable and achieve more.

The secret of “The Secret” 2. ARRANGE THE SPACE YOU ARE IN – this is also very important – because arranged space means that your thoughts are arranged too, that everything is arranged. Tidy space means more oxygen for you to breath fully. This is mentioned in The Secret in a part about Feng Shu, because our environment largely affects us and the way we live our lives. We strongly promote cleaning of our living space, relieving form mess and changing old habits of hording things for new better, cleaner and clearer thoughts. Lot of frustration in our daily lives is caused by our messy surrounding. How to make something new if the garbage suffocates us?

Good news is that the cleaning of the house is easy and simple. When you are ready for the house cleaning, then focus on it completely. It will consume less time than you think. If, by doing this, you throw away something that you actually need, you can buy it again.

The secret of “The Secret” 2. MAKE A PLAN – again, this is not something extremely hard. But if we look how much we need to do and still not doing it, planning is the best way of releasing energy in order to go where you want to go. That helps us to keep focus on positive things when we know that things in our lives have a positive course. If the timetable is chaotic then we do not have enough energy for taking the responsibility, to many of our thoughts are directed towards resolution of emergency situations, and that is a sign of lack of organization.

One of the keys for the success is grouping of daily tasks. Divide all your daily activities into categories and do not left anything behind: work, home, kids, partner, friends, personal development, sports, reading, writing, etc. Then – plan the day, make a daily plan, created “to do” list. When we know what we have to do during the day, then we have a peace and feeling of control over the time of life. Devote yourself to one task at one moment and do not try to do 15 things at once. That will enable you to live in present, your work will be of high-quality and efficient.

If you see yourself as a person that currently has nothing that she wants, and still tray with the Law on attraction to attract what you want to have, it is a huge probability that you will create unclear vibration, and the emotions that you feel in relation to what you want will oscillate. Of course, there is nothing bad in it, but the purpose of this text is to introduce you to a simple way of application of Law of attraction in practice. It comes to just simply forgetting that Law exists, at least temporary, and devote yourself to meet yourself and awakening of your spiritual nature.

The more you get to know yourself and your spiritual nature, your conscience about yourself as a being whose real nature is love, joy and peace, will grow daily. You will start understanding that everything you’ve ever wanted you already have in you, by meeting certain goals, and that you do not need a reason for being happy and joyful. And right then, when you are connected with your real nature, goals (and wishes) that appear by themselves in your mind, will be your authentic goals. Those goals will be continuously present in your conscience, and not because you want to activate the Law by visualization of your aspirations, but because you simply enjoy mentally to hang out with them and it happens on completely natural and spontaneous way, without you trying to do anything.

When you truly fall in love with one person, you have a need to think about her often, right? And you do not do that by visually attempting to activate Law in order to make your relationship, but because it is natural and feeling is nice (we will not talk about physiological processes and hormones). The question of all questions is how to succeed in implementation of the Law? It is the only question that stays unanswered after so many movies and books on this topic. This text represents an attempt of contribution of trying to answer this question, from our experience. We would dare to say that there is no answer, based on the many comments of our patients and clients.

Probably everyone, who is familiar with the Law, asks himself “can I do this”?

So, following are seven steps of implementing the Law:

  1. Always be here and now and completely relaxed. It is most important to be HERE AND NOW. The only time you can create something is present. People make mistakes and create future events by focusing on future. This pushes the goal further. Therefore, first thing you need to know is to constantly be focused on NOW.
  2. Set your goal right. You have to have clear idea about what do you want to accomplish. Goal has to be positive: example – “I want not to be fat” is not well defined goal, because it is in negative context. Brain does not recognize negation, and the message to our subconscious will be “to be fat”. Correct setting of goals is done by first imagining the picture of what you want (and do not change her), and for picture to be followed by the feeling that it is already there. Then picture yourself like you have already accomplished what you wanted, e.g. “I want to have 75 kg until 31.12.2015”, because such goal is precise, positive, specific, achievable, measurable and timely limited. Imagine how good it feels to put on old jeans or skirt that you could not wear for long time…J Goal defined like this will make Universe to move for you, and help you achieve it.
  3. Start with small things. Start with something small. If you have 50 kg to lose, and you did not lose more than 30kg never before (before you gained weight last time); if you never had 50.000 euros in your hands, and want to earn this much yearly. Do not set the goal to lose so much weight or have so much money, because the resistance of subconscious will be too big. If you have been single for last 2-3 years, do not seek for dream partner right away. Tend not to leave your comfort zone to much, this means not to expect that within 3 month you will lose 50kg, because you did not get them in 3 month at the first; or to earn 10 times more than you do now. Divide your path of achieving the goals to small steps so you can see them clearly. For example – small goal – to be at least 100gr lighter each morning, because you can clearly see it when you step on the scale. And let’s say that you achieve this little goal for 9 – 10 days, and not succeeding one day, because you were on a birthday. Then you were 90% successful, and it is great. Only when you succeed in first small achievement, make your next goal bigger, for let’s say, to lose 200gr daily, and do sports 3 times per week, etc… Go step by step until the big goal. At the beginning, you attract things much easier than money. The reason is that we might have negative thoughts regarding the money, or too much experience with the lack of money and troubles related to it. The most important thing here is to get confidence about the success! Once you get it even with the small achievement, everything is easy. That is why you should start whit something that is just a bit better than you usually have, and let it be your success. When this happens, celebrate. Do something to mark this success because it will help even more.
  4. There is no waiting. Stop focusing on “once the conditions are right”. This should maybe be on the first place. If nothing happens in a week or two you must not be disappointed. Attracting is happening, but you are pushing it away from you by waiting for it to happen! The more you expect for your wish to be true, the more you convince yourself that you do not have it. So you keep living in “I don’t have it” reality, this thought is in your head, and the thing that is getting your energy – grows, because our subconscious works on the task given by our conscious, sometimes without clear intention. So, we say – be aware of what you think, it might come true. So, mistake is to keep “I don’t have it” thoughts in your head. Don’t not let it ruin everything. Just let it happen. Forget about HOW AND WHEN will it happen. But first prerequisite is ACTION – right away! Do not sit in a house and wait for the thing you want to ring on your doorbell.
  5. Allow yourself to receive. Everyone who did not succeed with the Law, did not how to receive what he asked. It will never come the way we thought and wanted, but rather on its own way because the Force is much more creative than our mind is. You must be open minded in order to notice all small signals and to recognize opportunities, in order to use them. You can’t just be sitting there and wait for money to fall from the sky. Someone or something has to be a channel through which the desire will become reality. If you want more money, there will be a chance to get to it. Do not force it, just open yourself for the possibility that there is an easy way for you to earn more, the one you will be enjoying and not struggle with. If you want a nice relationship, then go to the places to meet the person you want to meet and that will happen. If you want better job, go where there is one, connect with the people that do the same job. Make a small step forward and see how paths are opening to you.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people, eliminate negative ones. People with similar pointsof view create reality they live in. If your environment is dominated by negative people, it is much likely that you will be negative as well. Break free from negative people in your environment, because they are stronger in their habit and will to live in poverty, illness and bad relations… and then individual among them who wants to change the situation does not stand much chance. Stronger wins. If you can prevail them with the understanding of what is said here, then you will be even more successful in Law of attraction. If more people is included in achieving one goal, then it is being achieved faster.
  7. Meditation will help you to get clearer perspective on things. Meditation is the simplest method of taming the mind. Just meditate. There are many ways, techniques, and methods. Choose one that fits you and stick to it at first. Guided meditation, meditation to chakra, mantra, deep breathing, whatever suits you – just do it. Every day. Whenever you can – more than once a day, if you can. Important is to find quiet and peaceful corner. Calm your body and your mind. Do not think. Relax. Connect with the nature. She is the source of many good feelings. Even it is good, and for some techniques essential, to have a teacher for some techniques that will guide you. But even the simplest methods of meditation will help you. Do it and be persistent and diligent. It is better to meditate for 15 minute each day, that once in few days for few hours. In order to master meditation, inform yourself on the internet. There are many techniques, and one of them will suit you. Maybe you are ok with just meditation, and maybe you can include prayer in it…

Therefore, this moment is the only reality and basis for attracting of what we want in life. Based on our current emotional relationship with present moment, we attract the same in future one. If we sincerely love and enjoy in present moment, then we will attract more things to love and enjoy in in the future. If we hate present moment and we have a desire to change it in order for our future to be better, then we will automatically attract more things to hate. And next moment we will be bothered with something and we will still be wanting it to change. That will also be transferred in future. Alike attracts alike – that is here and now.

Try to understand this correctly and notice, because there is always something that bothers us today, and the mind is always crucified on the cross of time, it is designed with the wishes for the future, keeping the traumas from the past, avoiding unpleased present. Meditation should be daily. Leave aside all problems that bothers you here and now, and isolate something we love, something we are grateful for and something we enjoy; person, thing, relationship, or situation. Enjoy it, enjoy gratitude for everything you have in life, as if it is only important and enough for entire life, enjoy those 15 minutes. You should do it daily. Gradually increasing the number of minutes and things we are thankful for and things we enjoy. There will be no need to increase the list much because we will by enjoying here and now automatically attracting many things, we will enjoy in the future now and here.

This is how present moment works. He is the only one with the power of operation when the emotions, conscience and imagination are based on it.

Think about it, because – THE WAY YOU SHINE, IS THE WAY YOU ATTRACT.