Past, present, future… We are confused with what happened, what is happening right now and expectancy of what is going to happen, and still we secretly hope that some thrill will happen and show us that our life is going good way and that everything is not lost jet. We wake up in the morning, confused, unorganized, disoriented and unsatisfied with many activities that are waiting for us, that occupy us daily, promising that tomorrow we will, for sure, know to organize better, that we will wake up early to avoid hurry…

But, next morning we wake up at the same time, because we forgot to adjust the alarm and so on, the circle continues with the excuse that tomorrow will be different… And so, goes day by day. Mornings and nights color our mood with dark colors and cover our faces with the shadow of chronical fatigue and dissatisfaction. At one moment, in a sea of such hopeless thoughts we might see truth – I forgot myself, where am I in my life, what do I aspire to?

Have I forgotten my priorities and have I ever had them at all? Am I a priority to myself? Such questions, unfortunately, we ask ourselves jus after we get ill, when we become deeply unhappy, when we feel that destiny is turning her back on us, or when something is happened to our kids.

We can notice, feel, that all of this is happening somewhere deep in us, that there is always a reason for something to happen, that there is a breakdown that should be fixed. Deep inside, we feel that every problem has a solution. We feel it so strongly that there is no need for someone to tell us this. Signs are all around, and mostly in ourselves. But still, we do not have time to see. You can already see that the soul is the one that archives our numerous emotions, fears, dissatisfactions, anxieties, recollections… This archive of ours, is still undiscovered. But still, we feel it more real than anything else in the world… It protects us, warns us, direct us, love us and makes us happy. It is subtle, jet strong, indestructible, most powerful force that we know.

When we dive in ourselves in our intimate moments (when we find some time) the feeling could appear, we could hear the voice that give us answers to our questions, because soul knows everything. This voice can be heard literally or just we get an information as a sign through some event, person, dream… paths of our soulcoming to help us are really limitless, only if we want to hear them…

But still, we are too busy in life and we can’t hear it. We forget about her and don’t hear her voices. In the past, this wasn’t a case… Big disease of this century is loss of soul while she attacks us, as an individual and as a society. When the soul is neglected, she simply disappears and emerges only as a loss of purpose, as dissatisfaction, violence, insouciance.

It is impossible to define what soul is. Our minds can’t understand, and our heartsare still too small to feel her power and force. But, we know intuitively that it is in her essence connected to deep sincerity and faith, and that is why we say, when we meet a sincere man, that he has a soul or that space has soul, or that the music has soul, or that picture has soul, or this book has soul. We notice that it is connected with life, with all beauty he brings – good food, good talk, good experience.

Soul can be seen at the places where many people are connected together towards some good goal, sympathy, love. But also in loneliness, when we drag inside in order to connect to ourselves and fin broken strings inside ourselves, get back to our essence, find love in us.

Fulfilment with work, intimate relationships, personal power and release from the symptoms – these are gifts from the soul when we do not pay attention on her. They are still unreachable in this century of chasing for comfortable life. We do not believe in soul and her benefits and we don’t think that she should be on first place in hierarchy of our values that we pay attention to. We are alive in a time when we notice that soul might exist when she obviously complains, when she complains for not being satisfied, when she makes us feel her pain.

We are too often connected to material things, we make difference between material and spiritual, we do not see obvious relations between these two phenomena, like the difference between body and mind. We do not see whole picture and that is our biggest problem. Divided, we pay attention or just spirit or just body, and we neglect soul.

Where is the solution?

Solution is in soul, she knows all our needs, she has a receipt how we work as one body that shines with health and pleasure. We will be one when we understand that we are soul, and body and spirit; that we are alive only as such, whether we are aware of it or not.

We can check this ourselves: we often see that the mind guide us on his side so it seems that physical world is of no help. At the same time, material life can take us so much that we forget about spirituality that keeps mind and body as one, keeps our ideas, life, spirituality and world. In order to have psychical health, we really need some kind of spirituality. But at the same time over focusing on spirituality is also dangerous and can lead us to problems and to different kinds of bad behavior. Because of this, it is always necessary to have interaction between spirit and soul. Because the soul knows what is good for us, and what is bad, neither body or mind know this.

There are many problems with our patients that we, therapists, face daily, and those are: hunger for spirituality, loss of life meaning, loss of self-confidence, fear that we are not good enough, need to control ourselves and others, anxiety, fear from the future, energy being stuck in the past, fear of abandoning, relations to ideals, different believes that determine the way we live our lives.

All those symptoms indicate loss of soul, the connection to it, and show us what soul desires. We desire fun, material possessions, sexual excitements and we often think that we will get to it with help of our therapists, church, work. We are familiar with the: “Once I find job, all my problems are solved”!

But still, without a soul, whatever we find, it will be not enough and unsatisfying, because the soul is what we actually desire in each of these areas. Therefore, in absence of spirituality, we try to gain all experiences thinking that this quantity will bring us success and happiness in life, and replace quality.

Personality fulfilled with soul is complex, shaped with both pain and happiness, defeat and success. However, spirituality does not save us from darkness. Life in soul and with a soul is a path that will show us shortcut to perfection of our character, that will upgrade our destinies and fulfill us with the light of purity. But, care of soul is not an easy path. But who says that it is an easy path to get to best things?

Nobody can tell you how to live your life. Therapy can help you find lost string with yourself, help you gain an insight that will help you on your personal path to self-confidence and much needed change that will finally lead you to what you aspire, soul peace. Every one of us seek for it, but sometimes we are not aware of it.

Apuleius, writer from ancient Rome, once said: “Everyone should know that he cannot live any other life but to nurture his soul”!

Nurture of the soul is not a puzzle of the life, but rather it is understanding of paradox thinking that intersect light and darkness into grandiosity of what human life and culture could be.

Be in harmony with yourself, clean, nurture your soul with dedicated daily monitoring. Fill it with inexpressible amount of love and light and then she will give you everything that is necessary for complete, pure happiness of human being, and that is a peace with ourselves. Be in harmony with new energies in this new age of radical change, in which we need adjustment in order to survive. We will achieve this only by holistic care of us, nurturing our spirit (reading different literature and cultivating ourselves in cultural and intellectual way), nurturing body (with daily recreation, hygiene, and regular diet) and nurturing soul (with daily prayer, meditation, serving others or on any different way we choose).

We can only live this life on right and healthy way by collecting many different experiences on easy and painless way, searching for Light, Truth and God.

Your Academy <3