Unfortunately we cannot be truly ourselves in modern life. We cannot express what we really are. That is why we too often wear different masks that actually protect us in certain situations.

The reasons for such behavior can be in ourselves or from the society that surrounds us, and that impose too high standards and requests that we genuinely try to meet in order to fit, not understanding that by doing this we do not live our lives, but someone else’s. Many of us do not even question whether they will make themselves happy or their close ones, but rather they have a goal to be “better” and fit into society. It all come sot protection of us, our little ego.

So we have a mask for work, mask for family, mask for partner, for kids. With all due respect to individuals, but we all have moments when we put our masks on. Mask is there to hide our emotions and feeling.

We meet many people that are not capable to show any feelings at all. In any case it is a kind of handicap that inhibits them. In most cases this happens because of fear of rejection and the fear of taking responsibility for anything that is important in our lives. This way we live a fake life far away from our real selves and far away from our real life path.

But once we decide to live our life the way we choose ourselves with our thoughts and deeds, we will be truly happy and fulfilled and only then we will not feel confused, disoriented, and indifferent.

We need to be open towards love, divine love, nature, and world and get down from the false life stage.

„Let’s trow away our masks into water, and let them float away so we can finaly be ourselfes“!