Well Being Academy was founded in Belgrade in 2011 and by a group of experts dedicated to the comprehensive spiritual, mental and physical development of individuals and groups of people. Certified experts in our team are: Ericcson Certified Coach, Karma Diagnostic Therapists, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Master Coach, Wing Wave Coach, etc. with many years of working experience with individual clients and groups in their personal and professional development.

What makes us unique in this area is a comprehensive, holistic approach to clients in the sense that we first find the causes of problems / blockades in the client’s daily and/or professional life or development, and then we help clients in setting up and realizing their personal and / or professional goals.

A wide spectrum and a large number of customers, from all over the world, has enabled us to gain a lot of work experience and gain the reputation of a reliable partner, a reliable team of experts, dedicated to the success of each client. The percentage of successful implementations, or successful transformations of our clients, is phenomenal 83%. We do not divide clients into “small” or “large”, “important” or “more important”, but we approach each client individually, so our expert (one or more of them) is working with each client whose competence and sensitivity best help the client in the specific case , or in a specific situation.

We have different types of programs – from individual therapeutic sessions, to individual personal development programs called “MASTER OF CHANGE“, which can last from three months to three years. We also have group programs for company teams, led by colleagues with extensive experience in corporate operations (Chairman of the Board, General Manager, Sales Director, Financial Director, HR Director …).

At the request of numerous clients we helped to successfully solve their problem with money (do not know how to earn it, wrong beliefs about money, wrong attitude towards money …), we created the course “ABUNDANCE OF MONEY“. To each course attendant who attend the program, we guarantee that he or she will at least double his/her own income within a year, no matter what level of income he/she currently has.

More about everything we can do for you and what we can help you can read on our website.

Thank you for well being with us!

Live your llife in ABUNDANCE!