Is your knowledge active and can you monetize it now?



he past is where you learn in school, in practice, and very often through mistakes. Future is where you apply all that you have learned and you learn more. Do not give up in the middle.

How active and trendy is your knowledge? Have you ever thought about the expiration date of your knowledge and skills? There is no punctual answer to this question, but we responsibly claim that your skills and knowledge age more quickly than it took you to acquire your formal knowledge (high school and academic)! Regardless of the fact how good you are today in something, if you stop embracing new knowledge, you will for sure drop out of the race. If you do not develop as an individual or a company, competition will overtake you in a market race. If you lag behind in knowledge, you will not be able to understand what the competition is doing and how it wins over you.

Continuous improvement of knowledge is essential for success in any field

Practice shows that many people stop learning and embracing new skills for many reasons, and some of them are:

  • They think that the learning process finishes in the moment of acquiring formal diploma
  • They relay too much on their experience
  • Take the path of least resistance
  • They are not motivated and inspired for their development and specialization
  • They think that they already have enough education
  • They have too good perception of themselves
  • They are not aware that we live in IT world
  • They are too mentally old
  • They do not have enough enthusiasm
  • They do not perceive the importance of practical and theoretical knowledge
  • They do not have support.

Of course, all of these are excuses, because if you really want to learn something, there is no force that could stop you. We live in Internet era where all the information is available. Sometimes they are hidden in a bunch of unnecessary information and it is worth of making an effort to find what we need.

If not applied, the knowledge is just an information

If you do not know strategies and tactics how to apply certain knowledge, then the knowledge is actually just an information. Also, if you have the knowledge and the strategy and the tactics for implementation of certain knowledge and principles, but you do not do that, then you will still not have any positive result.

Learning and application of knowledge are solutions for mastering any knowledge or skill. Practice is the way we learn any kind of behaviour or positive habit that is shown as a need for realization of our goals.

Same as the gym develops muscles, learning develops brain. The more we learn, the easier is to master new skills and knowledge, because over time we develop our own strategies for mastering more knowledge, reading more pages of text in less time, etc.

Successful companies and successful individuals know that the education and training are very important and have corporate and individual culture of permanent learning. That is why they are, with a reason, considered to be the best in their domains.

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