Given the fact that our previous article about love on our Facebook page (// has over 2.000 likes and has been shared many times, and in line with the comments, we will talk today about God’s love.

We talk about the love among people and expect that every man is, on some way, loved bay his family, some people are surrounded by love, and some are even flooded with love. On the other hand, we see that some people rally suffer due to lack of love, and it can be really confusing. Why does God do this to people? Why he gives some lots of love, and others no love at all? Someone could say that it is unfair.

Let’s analyze this. Law on karma says that every action has its reaction. Therefore, we can conclude that love must have its counterbalance in suffering and pain. Love and happiness are states we enjoy, and suffering and pain are consequences of our bad actions from the past, regardless whether it happen in this or some other life, or whether we remember these actions or not. They happened and we did it and we must pay for it in some way.

For karmic point of view, God gives our soul this life with experiences she needs to survive, grow and develop. All these experiences that God is giving us and temptations he faces us with, represent expression of his inexhaustible love for the person who is experiencing her karmic temptations. It can sound very imaginary and distant, but that is why everything happens on physical level, very tangible, and it can seem very cruel, but at the end it is good thing for our soul. If you punish a child by not giving him to play games because the lack of success in school and try to explain him that it is for his own sake, he will probably not accept that (maybe, if old enough, will understand a bit; saying this as a father of two teenage sons). But grownup person will understand very good, even though she can have problems accepting it.  When we develop our spiritual side, we are able to see how everything around us is a proof of God’s love, proof that the Good is everywhere in everything, but above all he is in us and in all people that surround us – and those surrounded with lots of love, and in those that suffer from lack of love.

Spirituality means awakening. Most of people, although not aware of, are in spiritual sleep. Many people are spiritually asleep for entire life: they wake up, live, get married, raise their children, and day spiritually sleeping. They never become aware of God’s love and never realize the essence and the beauty of their spiritual existence. Most of the people aspire towards physical staff, for satisfaction of certain physical needs, and not paying attention on spiritual needs, the need of soul.

Many people desire to have a perfect life. Ask yourself now: What is perfect life for me?

Does perfect life mean life full of wealth, life in which you will for the first time buy new Samsung S5 or iPhone 6+? Does perfect life mean that you have newest model of Jaguar or Land Rover and an apartment, or dreamhouse? Or a perfect life means to have a person you love by your side? Or a perfect life is all abovementioned? Maybe your perfect life is something completely different? In any case, real life doesn’t mean that in each moment you will be free of any physical pain, because maybe you will fall while skiing; doesn’t mean that you will be free of mental suffering, because your loved one can say or do something that will hurt you…

Maybe we can say that perfection of life means see and feel God’s love in each part of its creation and action, whatever it’s manifestation is. Perfection of life means to be grateful for God’s love, knowing that is the way God wants to bring us closer to him, regardless of way it is manifested, or do we have in physical life all we want, including the love, or we don’t have it. It is not just believing in God or running away from reality in some kid of philosophical thinking, so we could easier cope with the problems in our life. It is something that is taken as truth by all main religions. It is karma.

“Love God with all your heart and your soul and your entire though and with all your strength” – is a message that is found in all books from author SergejNikolajevičLazarev; philosopher, psychologist, scientist, man that has created integral method of spiritual cleaning and healing, based on its spiritual development and knowledge. His personal struggle with cancer, as well as many number of cured patients, are his motive and guideline in his work.

His teachings represent fundamental basics for therapy of Karmic diagnostics we practice. This teaching is not new, as Lazarev says himself. All his ideas and advices can be found in many orthodox books. But, it is a very few people that have read all those books and analyzed them whit such focus, love for God, and therefore there is a small number of people that have implemented those truths in their personal experience and devoted their lives to helping people, spreading their knowledge through books, seminars and therapies. Lazarev is as a man very contemporary, family, business and at the same time spiritual being, because it is imperative in 21st century.

According to Lazarev, love is seeing God’s will in everything that happens and unconditional acceptance of his will and its higher sense, that might not be always understandable to us. It is understanding that such situation, as much as it is unfair or is hard, directs us towards God, which means towards love, because God is love and symbol of absolute unity of existence, which means – symbol of our love. At this level, we are forgiven everything in the past and we are save for the future. If we didn’t learn how to accept painful situations, including lack of love, if you didn’t learn to forgive and keep love, this means that you are not ready for that and you can read a bunch of articles like this and you still won’t understand. This means that you have accepted things on conscious level and discuss them, filtrated them through your mental filters. In order for us to be in situation to really understand and accept something, we first must accept and understand with our heart and soul, because if soul doesn’t accept something, the head can’t understand it either.

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