No matter how positive personality we can have, all of us face hard times in life sooner or later. Of course, we are not robots and we behave based on our emotions and feelings.

There are periods in life when we just can’t focus on the positive side. This is just a swift change if one is in “solid” negative state, and that can last hours… maybe even days. In situations like this, thinking positively will not have any impact on our mind.

Why is it like this?

Because we all have a MIND in the thinking process, and a BODY in physiology. The mind and the body are always connected to each other. So, in situations where it seems that nothing can be changed, we need to be conscious on how to change at least a small part of what is happening.

Where can we begin?

This can be strange, but we need to change some postures of our body. By changing our physiology we put ourselves in different mood.

And how can we do that?

The first thing to do is to be aware of our own physiology when we are in a negative state of mind, and start to pay attention to our:

  • movements – what we do and how we do it
  • posture – pay attention to the posture our body is positioned
  • facial expression – what we do with our facial movements
  • breathing – to feel the breaths we inhale/exhale


What should we do in order to make our mind and our body function as ONE?

  1. RELAX EVERY LITTLE PART OF YOUR BODY – This is the first step when you start to change the body posture. By trying to loosen up your muscles, your physiology starts to change. While you loosen up your muscles, walk around and start to swing your arms and legs. If you are in a sitting position, stand up and continue to swing them energetically. Pay attention to your breathing and start to take deep and slow breaths.
  2. MOVE MORE – In general, a lot of people sit a lot during the work time (even me). This causes as a lot of health problems which can reflect on the physical body. If you sit excessive amount of time during the day, you should stand up every hour and walk around for a few minutes. A smart move is to pay attention to your posture when you’re in a sitting position and try to change it. When we sit, we are not in a good physiological mood… that’s why we should start to move more in a combination with the relaxation of the muscles.
  3. WALK LIKE YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR ‘POSITIVE CLOTHES’ – Try to walk with a different posture… this will ‘click’ positive energy throughout your body. Fake it until you make it! Moving with positive energy changes the posture of your body, and you start to feel the changes in your mind.
  4. SING YOUR FAVORITE SONG – Usually, singing our favorite song bring us physical change. Pay attention when you favorite song plays on the radio. Songs are often related with good memories from our lives. They take us back in a good and positive state. Sometimes we even get goosebumps, a clear proof that the song is connected with positive event.
  5. KEEP ON SMILING – Sometimes, even if we are not in a positive mood, we must keep our smile. A smile is a psychical thing that can open up our inner emotions. Stand up, relax your muscles, see yourself in the mirror, smile, and try to see the positive energy inside your eyes. Then you are already filled with that positive energy!

It is not only positive thinking that will bring us what we want. It is actually something deeper. This means that our MIND and our BODY should be connected and have flow between them. Feeling good sometimes starts with physical movements. Then, it reflects on your thinking and your self-talks.

Feel the vibrations in you body and get rid of the negative emotions that brings you negative moods. Just keep on doing this everyday and you will gear yourself up with positive and good mood… physically and mentally!