When to change?

When is the right time for the change? Well – someone would say now, someone would say whenever you are ready and someone would maybe say I don’t want changes.

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What to change?

Some changes can be small, some can be big, but each one of them give us a chance to learn something new about ourselves and the world around us.

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How to change?

Look at your long-term goals and go to a new journey to even greater dreams. Your never know how far even a small change can bring you in your life.

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      Seminar “ABUNDANCE OF MONEY”

Are you asking yourself “why is something happening to me”? Why don’t I have love, job, time, money, health? Why do I work a whole day for someone else and for a salary? Why do I have negative thoughts? Why do I only have disaffection in my life?

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For me this was such an incredible experience!!! After the second session, I know where and how to go. And what is the most important, I meet first “threshold” or as you call it milestone. I do not know enough words to say thank you for this!!! That is why I wrote my review so I can share my experience with others!!!
I was on therapy yesterday. I’m still under impression because my head can’t accept all what we did yesterday. My anxiety problem is gone! For two years now I was very often depressed, sad, down-hearted, and yesterday as if all of it was erased. I always felt that abortions that I had are reason why I do not have energy, but wasn’t expecting that it can impact me so much. To say thank you is not enough! You have saved me from precipice of life!
I was on therapy yesterday and I would like to say thank you to my therapist Sandra because she makes all negative emotions I kept inside me disappear. Now I feel big relief. Therapy is very enjoyable and I felt influx of positive energy that I still feel. I hope that this feeling will never go away!



On the Karmic diagnostics session, therapist is working on finding and eliminating energy block that is the source of the problem or sickness. Disease first appears on subtle energetic level, and then on physical one.For the time of the therapy, therapist and the client are connected on all levels and for the optimal result it is necessary for them to cooperate well.


Reiki is traditional medicine method that is legalized and approved by regulation signed by Ministry of health of Republic of Serbia in 2008. Ministry ranked Reiki in rehabilitation method (for health improvement).Traditional medicine in Serbia is regulated by Law on health protection (“Službeniglasnik RS“, br. 107/05)…


If we were to guarantee that you will set and meet your goals, would you be ready to invest some of your time and money to learn techniques, skills and knowledge for achieving the success on professional and personal development? If the answer is YES, then you are on the right place.


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